22 Unusual Vases Adding Interest and Creative Design Ideas to Interior Decorating

unusual vase balanced with vintage scale weight
Unusual vase balanced with aromatic candle and suspended vintage metal weight


Decorative vases are excellent accessories to change the look of your home interiors. Unusual vases can play a vital role in modern interior decorating, adding color, texture and interesting shapes to your rooms. There are varieties of beautiful decorative vases in the market that can add unique decor accents to your modern, contemporary, vintage or traditional home interiors.

Stylish decorative vases can be made from various materials. Glass vases, clay or stone vases, metal, leather or wooden vases look beautiful, stylish and very interesting. You can use them as singular accents or group them and decorate your home interiors with flowers. The choice for your favorite decorative vase and floral arrangements defines the unique atmosphere in your rooms.

Decorative vases magnify the beauty of flowers and furniture surfaces. Vases accentuate modern interior design and make a long lasting impression to the people who admire them. You can fill them with colorful and fragrant flowers, or add dried flower arrangements to your interior design, enriching it with various vases sizes, shapes, materials or design styles.

Creative vases for interior decorating

Paper bag vase by Makoto Komatsu

Designer Makoto Komatsu suggests to put flowers in a sort of crumpled paper bag. This very unusual and decorative vase is interesting, durable and original, perfect for modern interior decorating with one-of-a-kind-accents and flower bouquets.

A creative vase adds lots of interest, an unexplainable elegance, style and grace to your interior decorating. Unusual vases can be combined with antique and modern furniture adding an eclectic charm to modern interior decorating. A few stems of roses or any other types of flowers just increase the effect.

Creative decorative accessories, unusual vase for modern interior decorating with flowers

Vases ans flowers are versatile decorations for homes and offices, suitable for all rooms, interior decorating styles, old and modern home interiors. Vases are great decor accessories to refresh living and working spaces with unique accents.

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Home staging and interior decorating with vases, versatile home decor accessories

The magnetic vase DCI looks gorgeous. Thin and elegant, it is firmly stands, thanks to the magnetic element on the bottom, on any metal surface.

Magnetic vase in contemporary minimalist style

Vases shaped like female heads and decorated with flowers are creative and unusual also, adding original design ideas and romantic touch to modern interior decorating.

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Hidden Shape vases, colorful decor accessories and gifts

Female head shaped, white ceramic vases for flowers

Designer Kwok Pan got inspired by milk splashes and created these unusual home decor accessories in white color. The vases are handmade and very unique.

Milk inspired ceramic vases in white color by designer Kwok Pan

The vase Cuatro Cuatros is great for a single flower, adding graceful geometric detail, contrast and contemporary flair to  modern interior decorating in creative style.

Unusual decorative vase Cuatro Cuatros

Risako Matsumoto created an unusual and innovative vase that is balanced on one side with a flower and on another side with an aromatic candle and a suspended metal weight. This interesting design idea blends vintage and new items into the playful, simple and elegant balancing vase.

Unusual vase balanced with aromatic candle and suspended vintage metal weight

Alessandro Beda crafted this unusual vase for a small flower bouquet, adding natural touch to interior decorating. The whale shaped white vase look fabulous on contrasting surfaces, bringing charming miniature design into modern interior decorating.

Whale shaped vase for small flower arrangements

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