Beautiful Arches in Modern Interiors

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Hallway with arched element


Modern interiors look gorgeous with beautiful arches. Arched windows and door openings add classy and elegant look to modern interior design and make decorating feel elegant, harmonious and pleasant. If you want to use the arched elements of classic architectural designs in your modern interiors, there is an inspiring collection of photographs that Lushome shares to demonstrate ways to enhance rooms with arches.

Beautiful arched openings add beauty to house exterior doorways, interior doors and windows, creating modern homes with a character and style. Arched elements add timelessly stylish and universally appealing elements to architectural designs and bring classy feel into modern interiors.

Arches are great architectural designs for accentuating functional zones. Visually distinguish, living spaces with arches look wider and more spacious, visually increasing their sizes. Arches are perfect for many places in office and homes, such as hallways and living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, bedrooms and walk-in closets.

Luxury penthouse with vaulted ceiling designs and panoramic views

Beautiful garden arches, arbors and pergolas creating romantic outdoor seating areas

Arched architectural designs

Arched doorway, white painted wood, white kitchen cabinets

Long hallways that lack any interest can be transformed into beautiful with door arches. Bedroom interior design can be enhanced by adding an arched doorway between the bedroom and dressing room or home office.

Walls, ceiling design and arched doorways can be decorated with carved wood details, plaster ornaments, mosaic tiles, paint colors and moldings to create truly unique and modern interiors that make a statement.

Brick arch, tiled floor and vintage wood ceiling beams, Modern kitchen design in Mediterranean style

Decorative elements for arched elements of interior design

To design beautiful arches you do not need expensive interior design materials. Shape, size , color and unique details allow to personalize and style your arched elements and add very attractive, classy and elegant architectural designs to your office or home.

35 modern interior design ideas incorporating arched into rooms

Modern interior design enriched with classic arched and vintage stone walls

Decorative arched elements, as rounded niches under furniture tops, appliances with arched elements, shelves or mirrors that feature arched frames, even kitchen hood with arched curves are wonderful home decorations that bring beauty and elegance to exterior and interior design.

Modern living room design with arched doorway leading to dining room

Interior design and decorating materials

Stone and brick are traditional exterior and interior design materials for creating beautiful arches.  Stone and brick arches are complex architectural designs, very unique and impressive. These arches are textured and simple spectacular. Stone and brick arches are perfect for classic architectural designs and country home decorating, especially for Mediterranean style interiors.

20 metal arched and beautiful yard landscaping ideas

15 wooden arches creating beautiful garden design

Wooden arched elements are versatile architectural designs that give office or home interiors a rich, expensive look. Wooden arches are durable ad very attractive that are ideal for traditional interior design and decorating in eco style. Flexible contemporary materials for arched architectural designs, like polyurethane, are fantastic. Durable, moisture-resistant, crack-proven and available in many different non fading colors, arched elements made with contemporary materials can be painted and decorated in accordance with your personal taste.

Modern interior design with exposed brick wall and arched doorway, small bedroom design

Eco friendly plastic materials and elements created with salvaged wood or other recycled materials enhance Green design and allow to experiment with original, unusual and creative architectural designs.

Modern house design with arc roof and contemporary home interiors

Classy arches in modern interior design and decorating

Gypsum plasterboard and polyurethane are light interior design materials. The main advantages of these materials are their price, availability, flexibility and ease of working with. Curved shapes and bent elements help create any kind of beautiful architectural designs with charming and romantic arches and decorate them with your favorite color and texture.

Modern bathroom design with arched element
Hallway with arched element
Bathroom design with arched doorway and window
Arched windows and doorway in dining room design
Arched fireplace design
White kitchen cabinets and arched door decoration

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