Modern Interior Design Enriched with Classic Arches and Ancient Stone Walls

old stone walls, arches and modern apartment ideas

Creative interior design ideas blending old stone walls and contemporary style


Modern interior design ideas from Pitsou Kedem blend classic arches and ancient stone walls with contemporary elements in minimalist style and create this fabulous, beautiful and very stylish home, ideal for luxurious, elegant, pleasant and stress-free lifestyle.

Contemporary home interiors blend the simplicity of minimalist style and ergonomic design ideas with original stone walls and arched doorways that add unique character to this modern home. The luxury apartment in the old part of Jaffa, an ancient port city in Israel, attracts and impress with its perfect mix of modern interior design ideas and precious historical past of the building.

Jaffa, the southern, oldest part of Tel Aviv, has not changed much over the centuries of its existence. Here is one of the best examples of its amazing architecture which enhances this gorgeous modern interiors with fascinating elements and spectacular views.

Modern interior design and decorating in Mediterranean style emphasizing vintage stone walls

22 modern interior design ideas blending brick walls with stylish home furnishings

Luxury apartment ideas

Creative interior design ideas blending old stone walls and contemporary style

Precious elements of antiquity, original stone walls, classic arches and high ceiling designs look fantastic in this modern apartment. The architectural interiors take advantages of their rich past, providing attractive rooms with inviting balconies that connect modern interior design with gorgeous surroundings.

The luxury apartment from architectural firm Pitsou Kedem is turned into an exclusive and chic retreat with classic arches and stone walls, complimented by elegant home decorating in a minimalist style.

Old stone walls, arches and modern apartment ideas

Preserved old stone walls and simple contemporary decor compliment and enhance unusual interior design and make modern interiors with breathtaking views feel unique and spectacular.

Modern house design celebrating old stone walls and contemporary interiors

Modern redesign of old country home with exposed stone walls and ceiling beams

Beautiful stone walls  and ceilings, classic arches and large windows create the atmosphere of the past, bringing history into modern interiors. Stylish decor, white walls, velvet textures and soft accessories bring  comfort, light, softness and sophisticated luxury into modern interior design.

Living room design with old stone walls and arched doorways

Striking views of the Mediterranean Sea turn the luxury apartment into this fantastic home that boundlessly merge interior design with the surrounding beauty and add a romantic feel to the modern interiors with welcoming terraces.

Living room design with ancient stone walls and contemporary decor
Dining room decor with shelves and stone walls

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