Attic Apartment Ideas, Spectacular Wood Beams, Space Saving Furniture, Red Accents

attic living room small spaces

Modern interior design ideas for small spaces under the roof, modern attic apartment ideas

Attic apartment ideas delight with original details and creative interior design. Attic apartments have a bohemian vibe, offering stylish homes for creative people. Despite their structural complexity, attic living spaces transform modern houses and make beautiful and bright rooms under the roof. Practical, space-saving ideas add a unique charm to distinct interior designs.

Wooden ceiling beams are spectacular architectural features. Original support elements and bright decor look fantastic against the background of snow-white finishes. Attic spaces in the apartment smoothly flow into one another, creating attractive open living areas.  The combination of crisp white decorating ideas with beamed ceilings and light wood parquet flooring creates a clean and bright ambiance of modern interiors.

Attic apartment ideas, loft-style interior design

Decorating small apartments, Space-saving top-floor apartment ideas

Swedish loft living ideas, exposed ceiling beams, modern interior design

Attic apartment ideas

Modern interior design, living room furniture

Red and green color scheme

Room furniture and decor accessories in neutral colors, mixed with red accents, bring excitement into modern interiors that look contemporary and bright.  Green houseplants make elegant home decorations that enhance the interior color scheme and add a fresh touch to the interior design ideas.

Modern lighting ideas for loft living spaces

Space-saving ideas, modern attic bedroom designs

Modern interior design ideas, a bright penthouse in Paris

Modern interior design

The original design of a square table and light plastic chairs with metal legs create a beautiful dining area. The alternation of white, gray, and red colors in the interior design visually connects the space with the living room. A small kitchen is a nook with complex geometry that allows the creation of plenty of storage and work surfaces. Skillfully integrated kitchen appliances harmoniously fit into the small spaces.

Modern attic apartment ideas, dining furniture

Storage furniture

A small workspace creates a home office. Smooth fronts and storage systems show space-saving ideas of the attractive, contemporary design. Wall designs maximizing storage spaces creating a comfortable and functional home. An open bookcase works as a room divider improving the functionality of the open attic space.

Contemporary kitchen design with white cabinets, attic apartment ideas
Modern interior design with exposed ceiling beams ad posts
Wood kitchen countertops, attic apartment ideas
Wooden stairs, a bookcase as a room divider, attic apartment ideas
Wood ceiling beams, modern interior design ideas
Modern interior design ideas for small spaces under the roof, modern attic apartment ideas

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