50 Ideas for Modern Interior Design and Decorating with Natural Rope

modern interior design and decorating with rope

Furniture decoration with rope and decor accessories designed with nautical rope


Natural rope is an excellent eco friendly material for modern interior design and decorating. If you are a concerned citizen of the world, then natural rope decor is perfect for your home interiors and outdoor living spaces. Manila rope, sisal twines and ropes, hemp and cotton ropes call to go Green, and Lushome collection demonstrate how stylishly incorporate these natural ropes into modern interior design and decorating.

Rope design and decor accessories add a touch of Green to modern interiors and brighten up rooms or outdoor home decorating with unconventional, interesting and creative design ideas. Rope was first fashioned from twisting strips of lime bark. It promptly progressed to utilizing plant fibers such as flax, vines, water reeds, animal hair and leather to create rope. Ropes have been around for 20,000 years and still offer numerous wonderful ideas for modern interior design and decorating.

Natural fiber rope can be the key of modern design. Sisal, cotton, jute and manila ropes are beautiful and stylish today. Twisted or braided, these natural ropes produce twines, strings and cords that add unique texture and strong character to elements of interior design and decor accessories. Natural rope brings a nautical theme into modern interior design, creating fabulous decor items for beach homes and cottages. Nautical rope reminds of traditions and enhance the industrial interior design ideas, bringing unique natural fibers into masculine living spaces.

22 ways to use nautical rope and sisal twine for modern interior decorating

Modern interior design and decorating with ropes

Rope ceiling designs, modern interiors

Ropes are great for modern interior design, wall and furniture decoration. Salvaged wood shelves with rope are eco friendly and stylish items for modern interior decorating. A bedside table, a coffee table or a chair can be completely transformed with natural rope. Hanging beds and chairs, lighting design with rope look unusual and interesting, giving an industrial touch to modern interior design and decorating ideas.

Rope decor pieces add a beach theme to modern interior design and home decor. Modern lighting fixtures with rope offer great home furnishings that inspire DIY decorating projects.

Modern lighting fixtures designed with nautical rope

Modern interior design ideas that incorporate natural rope into a room divider, wall and ceiling designs or staircase railing look creative and very stylish. Ropes have beautiful textures and stimulate your imagination to go wild and create some unique, functional and modern interior design and decorating ideas.

Modern interior design ideas, rope ceiling designs

Cotton Rope hanging lamp, modern lighting design idea

Rope decor accessories, like wall mirror frames, picture frames, bed headboards, door stoppers, decorative vases, candle holders, wall and door wreaths, storage boxes and home organizers, floor rugs and table decorations are just the most popular ways to enrich modern interior design and decorating with nautical rope, Manila rope, sisal twines and ropes, hemp and cotton ropes.

Furniture decoration with rope and decor accessories designed with nautical rope

Eco friendly and attractive, rope interior design ideas are inexpensive and dramatic. Interior decorating with natural ropes allows to experiment and find the best solutions for furniture decoration, lighting design and decor accessories with rope details.

Modern lighting fixtures bringing stylish rope into interior design

Unique driftwood chandelier create with nautical rope

Rope is a great natural and eco friendly material for Green ideas, inexpensive and creative interior design and decorating. Beautiful, original and interesting rope decor items look simple and impressive, soft and industrial at the same time. Rope makes a statement and style modern interior design and decorating ideas by adding novel designs and fresh accents, created with natural rope.

Window curtains with rope, nautical decor theme for bedroom

Rope ceiling designs

Rope hanging beds

Modern tables designed with nautical rope

Modern lighting design with rope

Modern staircase design with nautical rope

Modern wall shelves designed with natural ropes

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