22 Ways to Use Nautical Rope and Sisal Twine for Elegant Interior Decorating

wall decoration made with nautical rope


Finding ways to incorporate natural fiber  into your home decorating is fun and eco friendly. Nautical rope is an excellent material for furniture decoration and creating unusual lighting fixtures or decorative accessories for your rooms and outdoor living spaces.

Jute rugs, burlap lamp shades and table decorations, sea grass baskets and grass cloth wallpaper look gorgeous, adding an elegant twist to unpretentious and sophisticated interior decorating ideas. Sisal twin, jute and other natural fibers can perfectly match any outdoor rooms or interior decor styles, enhancing designs with unique texture and neutral to soft warm colors.

Sisal twines and nautical ropes work with any interior decorating color schemes. Twisted texture gives a relaxing, cozy and homey feel to interior decorating ideas. Sisal twines and nautical ropes are excellent for furniture decorations and designing unique lighting fixtures, lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and small eco friendly gifts that beautify home decor.

Modern interior design ideas, rope ceiling design and reclaimed wood

Cotton rope hanging lamps Acorn, modern lighting fixtures

Rope wall decorations, furniture and decor accessories

Rope door stopper, nautical decor accessory

Nautical rope bring that wonderful romantic nautical feel into interior decorating. Adding a touch of a twisted rope make your room decor more interesting and personalized. Rugged and twisted, nautical look of rope can be attractively combined with functionality, creating charming home decorations and furniture details that make home more comfortable and pleasant.

If you’re looking to purchase rope lighting, furniture, wall decor or accessories, there’s plenty of items around, but you can also enjoy DIY projects, getting creative and artistic with rope home decor.

Rope room divider, creative diy interior decorating ideas

A unique company to check out is StairRopes.com. They make stair ropes, bannister ropes, rope handrails and barrier ropes to measure. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in installing a rope bannister or railing, personalizing your interior decorating ideas.

Home decoration with burlap and sisal twine

21 green design ideas, reclaimed wood for home decorating

You can make cute door stoppers and decorative vases with sisal twines or thick nautical ropes, experimenting with different sizes and colors. A shelf or picture frames hanging on ropes and furniture knobs made of rope pieces, an unusual room divider and rope mirror frames are very decorative accents that creatively blend the nautical decor theme with your interior decorating ideas.

A rope wing chair with a nautical themed cushion and a able are perfect for creating nautical decor

Woven from lampakanai twine, the classic wing chair available from crateandbarrel.com for $599 becomes fit for a captain. A double-cabled rope can give new life to a reclaimed industrial lighting fixtures, one of which is available for $390 from Tracery Interiors. The side table, modeled after a French ropemaker’s spool, features a lift-off top for storage and is on sale for $199 at ballarddesigns.com

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