6 Tips for Quick DIY Home Renovation, Interior Colors and Room Design Ideas

contemporary living room built storage furniture
Large windows, built-in storage furniture, a coffee table with a storage shelf, contemporary living room design


Renovation is scary for all of us, but good planning and organization can make it stress-free and quick. Experts suggest investing in the right, light, ergonomic, efficient tools if you decided to redesign your home. When you redesign your interior, keep your belongings in designated storage spaces outside of the room. Built-in storage is excellent for hiding things. Also, storage boxes, closets, attic spaces, plastic containers, and baskets can keep your belongings until you finish your room re-design project.

Here are design experts’ suggestions to ease the renovation process and help achieve beautiful results in decorating. Bringing more light and using vibrant interior colors are a great idea for modern renovation. De-cluttering and the minimalist style, combined with glass elements and houseplants, turn rooms into stylish and comfortable.

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Modern interior design ideas

Bright yellow accents and white decorating ideas
Modern living room furniture, large windows, neutral colors with bright accents

1. Glass

Consider adding a window or change existing windows for larger ones. Bring light into your rooms, visually increasing their sizes and adding a contemporary vibe to interior design. Think about glass room dividers, open shelving systems, or glass furniture. Wall mirrors and glass decor items help stretch living spaces visually.

Living room with large windows and wall mirror

2. Vibrant interior colors

Add an accent wall in a bright color. Bring vibrant furniture pieces and accessories, and use your favorite hues to personalize your home and cheer your place up. Also, ready-to-use paint color schemes are helpful for those who are careful with color design experiments. Vibrant accents colors are perfect tools for brightening up home interiors, giving them a fresh look, and creating a balanced, harmonious atmosphere in modern homes.

Geometric patterns, colorful shower curtain, modern bathroom design idea

Experts suggest avoiding grayish-beige wall paint colors, especially in bedrooms and northern rooms. Beige walls may look gloomy in fall and winter. Also, grayish tones add a depressive feel to the spaces at night. Warm beige shades are better options as they create neutral but warm and welcoming rooms.

Warm beige color shades and flower arrangements for room decor

3. Less is more

Go for minimalist interiors that look contemporary and pleasant. Clutter-free rooms and modern interior design with a few eye-catching accents look better than busy living spaces.

Elegant, clutter-free living room design

4. Simplicity and multi-functionality

Simplified design ideas and multi-functional solutions add a contemporary vibe to modern interiors. Simple geometric forms and neutral styles stay modern for years. Multi-functional furniture offers modern designs and space-saving ideas while bringing more comfort to home interiors.

Large windows, built-in storage furniture, a coffee table with a storage shelf, contemporary living room design
Built-in furniture, window bench, closet, simplicity, elegance, comfort

5. Contemporary prints

If you want to jazz up your interior design, use a digital photo wallpaper. Prints and wallpapers with nature-inspired images, flower designs, and geometric patterns add energy and dynamics to modern interiors.

Floral designs, green wallpaper, decorative pillows

6. Decorating with houseplants

Include houseplants into your home decorating ideas. Indoor plants add a natural feel to modern interior design and bring beautiful green colors, unique textures, eye-catching shapes into new and stylish rooms. House plants are fantastic, cheap ideas for brightening up your living spaces.

Creative wall decoration with houseplants

Modern living rooms

Colorful living room design, yellow-red color scheme

Bedroom designs

Blue colors and black-n-white decorating, modern bedroom design

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Modern dining room design; a white sofa, pendant lights, a wooden table

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Clutter-free white bathroom design with rectangular wall tiles

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