3d Marker Drawn Murals and Impressive Installations by Heike Weber

interior design with floor drawings


Permanent marker drawn wall murals and floor decoration are exciting trends in modern interior design. Drawn decoration patterns are a creative, surprising and fresh way to decorate your room, adding a personal touch, a favorite color, 3d illusions and unexpected decoration patterns to your interior design.

Heike Weber is a German artist, based in Cologne, who uses permanent markers to create impressive installations and fantastic floor and wall drawings which cover a small area or an entire area of a room. By precise planning and controlling the white spaces between lines, the artist creates optical illusions with her mesmerizing drawings.

The space seems to be constantly moving, changing, swirling and floating. Her latest installations in a cafe in Prague is called Bodenlos which means bottomless. You might feel loosing the ground under your feet. The installation created by using a very common and available tool, a permanent marker, but dramatically change a room through meticulous and intensive drawings.

3d drawings and optical illusions in modern interior design

Floor drawings created with a red marker, impressive floor decoration

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Permanent market floor drawings

The artist creates a different world, transforming a space into a three-dimensional painting, making floor and wall surfaces to feel changing by a powerful energy of curvy lines.

Heike Weber, www.heikeweber.net/index.html creates the atmosphere of dramatic transformation with a mesmerizing and mysterious force.

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Wall drawings created with a permanent marker
Floor and wall drawings created with a black marker

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