25 Space Saving Modern Interior Design Ideas, Corner Shelves Maximizing Small Spaces

wall shelves for corners, space saving interior design and decorating ideas

Modern wall shelving for decorating corners

Modern interior design with wall shelves offers many attractive and stylish storage solutions. Space saving corner shelves are one of modern interior design trends for small rooms and large living spaces. Lushome collection of corner shelves demonstrates various realization of wall shelves and built-in bookcases in corners.

Small spaces are cozy, but difficult to decorate with wall shelves which may take too much space in small rooms. Corner shelves and built-in bookcases that customize storage ideas and add personality to modern interior design are a great space saving solution for corners in small rooms.

Wall shelves take up less floor space. Wall shelves in a corner are out of the way while improving modern interior design, its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Corner wall shelves are ideal for storing books and displaying  figurines, artworks, crafts and trophies. These modern furniture pieces allow to create more space in your home and add elegant and functional items to interior design.

Simple DIY corner book shelves adding storage spaces to small kids rooms

Corner wall shelves and modern interior design ideas

Modern interior design with corner shelves

Corner shelves are wonderful home furnishing for empty corners in small rooms. They provide extra space in already furnished small rooms and maximize small spaces. Corner wall shelves allow you to use those corners to beautify and improve interior design and decorating. These space saving furniture items are very useful, practical and convenient.

Corner wall shelves are perfect for small spaces where nothing else can fit. Corner wall shelves are a fabulous storage solution and a smart interior design idea, especially when combined with attractive shelves decoration.

Decorative corner shelves

Corner wall shelves can be wooden, metal or made with glass and plastic. Corner wall shelving ideas are versatile and suitable for any room and interior design style. Shelving systems can be used for books, figurines, artworks, crafts, trophies, files, small artworks and photo displays. Cornet wall shelving ideas are great for many functional and decorative items that add interest and comfort to modern interior design while maximizing small spaces in corners.

25 modern interior decorating ideas for cozy room corners

30 corner office designs and space saving furniture placement ideas

Wooden wall shelves are strong and beautiful. Plastic stackable shelves are inexpensive and functional. Glass shelves are great for small rooms as they visually stretch spaces. Metal shelves can be very decorative also, offering the most durable storage solutions for home libraries and office designs. DIY wall shelving are fun. DIY wall shelves provide customized storage spaces, show creativity and personalize modern interior design.

Corner shelves and wall lights, modern interior design ideas

Corner bookcases and wall shelves for corners

How to Feng Shui small office design in the corner

Corner fireplace designs adding unique accents to modern interiors

Corner shelving ideas are wonderful for modern kitchen and bathroom design. They add attractive accents and bring more interest into interior design with creative shelves decoration. Corner shelving units are perfect for all small spaces, – kids rooms and kitchens, home offices and bathrooms. Corner shelving ideas give a contemporary touch to modern interior design and create unique and attractive living spaces in your home or office.

Built-in corner bookcase
Modern wall shelving for decorating corners
Corner shelves for small rooms

Corner wall shelves for home office design

Small home office with wall shelves in the corner

Bathroom design with corner shelves

Small corner shelving unit for small bathroom design

Corner shelving ideas for modern kitchen design

Wooden wall shelves for kitchen design and decorating

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