25 Roman Shades and Curtain Ideas to Harmonize Modern Living Rooms with Window Coverings

modern window treatments for living room design and decorating


Modern window coverings are important elements of interior decorating and creating stylish and personal living spaces. Choosing  curtains and blinds for your living room depends on your taste, their appeal and functionality. Lushome present a collection of modern Roman shades and curtain ideas that beautify and harmonize living rooms with attractive, functional and comfortable to use window coverings.

Modern window treatments encompass keen eye and add gorgeous accents to interior decorating and window designs. Selection of curtains and blinds include a choice of fabrics, the style of existing living room furniture, lamp shades and decorations. The type of interior window designs, color, texture, size and fabric prints define the choice of curtains and blends that will complement the living room furnishings.

Choosing the decoration patterns, texture and curtain fabric prints depends on your taste, your living room furniture, wall decorations and latest trends in decorating.  The usual choices of window curtains and drapes are classic texture. floral prints, checkered and plain decoration patterns.

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Modern window coverings for living rooms

Modern living room design and decorating with Roman shades and curtains

Modern window coverings for living rooms include eclectic combinations of classic curtains and drapes with contemporary blinds, traditional decoration patterns and abstract fabric prints. The choices for contemporary living rooms offer great opportunities to experiment and create truly personal interior decorating.

Selecting textures and materials

Modern fabrics for curtains and draperies are interesting and innovative. There are curtain fabrics that can add fabulous textures to modern living rooms or camouflage the architectural defects while harmonizing interior decorating.

Modern living room furniture, Roman shades and curtains in matching colors

Traditional and contemporary window treatments, made with curtain fabrics that are intended to help maintain privacy and block or control the natural light from outside, improve functionality of interior decorating, create more comfortable and modern living rooms. Selecting the right curtain fabrics are an important elements of cozy and pleasant, bright and modern interior decorating.

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Modern window treatments dramatically change the look and feel of interior decorating, bringing interesting decor themes, textures and colors into living rooms, complimenting room furniture and lighting fixtures or creating striking contrasts with existing living room furnishings.

Colorful living room design and decorating with Roman shades

The family friendly atmosphere or chic living room furnishings, luxurious sofas and table lamps, contemporary wall art or antiques tell the story about living room design and define the most comfortable and proper choices of modern window treatments for interior decorating.

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Modern living rooms which are furnished in two-three colors require elegant, almost plain curtains and draperies in colors that look harmonious with the existing color palette.  Dark curtains and blinds create a sense of coziness, safety and add depth to modern living rooms. Lighter window treatments and curtain ideas help create brighter atmosphere and compliment living room furniture or lamp shades in dark colors.

Classic furniture and Roman shades in light blue color

Modern window coverings are integral parts of living rooms and entire home design. Modern window treatments are decorative accessories that make living room design and decor look stunning, feel functional and comfortable. By installing modern curtains and blinds your can update your living room furnishings and add stylish details to interior decorating.

Modern interior decorating with functional window blinds

When choosing window treatments, blinds or curtain ideas for modern living rooms, it is good to start with determining how selected window treatments will function in your room and match living room furnishings. Keeping in mind that many living room curtains and drapes have elaborate designs and blinds or shades come in different textures, colors and styles makes the choice of these great decorative accessories easier for creating functional, comfortable, attractive and modern interior decorating.

Classic room furniture, modern living room decorating with Roman shades, floor carpet and decorative pillows in matching colors

  by Ena Russ   

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