25 Modern Furniture Design Ideas in Eco Style Bringing Stone and Wood into Homes

modern furniture made of stone

Glass top coffee table with stone base


Modern furniture design in eco style offers beautiful wooden and natural stone items for home interiors and outdoor rooms. Popular recycling and eco friendly DIY projects are one of inexpensive ways to bring solid wood furniture into living spaces and decorate homes in eco style. Lushome shares a collection of modern furniture pieces designed of natural stone and solid wood.

Wooden furniture and made of natural stone furniture pieces are elegant, warm and comfortable. Stone is durable and rich, while solid wood is warm and cozy. Wooden furniture remain the favorite for all. Wooden furniture is versatile, suitable for both interior decorating and outdoors.

Solid wood furniture and natural stone furnishings give a natural impression and beautify eco homes. Stone furniture is exclusive and impressive, great for luxurious interior decorating. Wooden furniture is relaxing and pleasant, ideal for modern homes.

Solid wood furniture for modern interior decorating in eco style

25 handmade wooden furniture design ideas, modern salvaged wood chairs, benches and stools

Garden furniture designed of stone for outdoor rooms

Modern furniture design of wood and stone

Modern furniture made of natural stone and wood

1. Wooden furniture in eco style

Modern furniture design uses various types of wood, from exotic teak and mahogany to luxurious cherry, hard oak and soft pine. Wooden furniture pieces feature unique appearances that compliment classic interior decorating, modern or traditional rooms and contemporary homes.

Wooden furniture design celebrates the distinctive characteristics of wood, – warm and easy to be crafted, allowing to enrich interior decorating with creative shapes and attractive decoration patterns.

Contemporary interior decorating, solid wood bedroom furniture

Wood furniture is available in a wide range of designs, styles, colors and shapes. Modern wood furniture have straight lines and natural patterns. Contemporary homes in minimalist style with modern wooden furniture are one of popular trends in recent years. Wood furniture brings warmth and coziness into home interiors and softens architectural designs in contemporary style.

Solid wood table with grass for interior decorating in eco style
Solid wood hooks made with branches
Solid wood office desk
Solid wood storage furniture
Modern tables made with wood
Salvaged wood bed headboard ideas
Salvaged wood bed headboard ideas
DIY salvaged wood bed headboard design
Recycling wooden barrel for bed designs
Driftwood glass top coffee table
Solid wood furniture for outdoor rooms
Recycling wine barrels for wooden furniture for outdoor seating areas
Modern wooden furniture for interior decorating in eco style
Colored glass top coffee table with wood base

2. Eco friendly modern furniture design of stone

Stone furniture has solid and hard surfaces, not comfortable and cold when sat on, but stone in the ergonomic shapes of a chair with the correct curves or angles can be a nice outdoor furniture piece that creates a pleasant seating area and makes a statement.

Marble stone furniture, dining table with glass top

Stone chairs and benches with no slats, metal or wood parts create uneven seating surfaces. Ergonomic and modern furniture design ideas make stone chairs very comfortable. Unique and stylish, stone coffee tables, tops of kitchen islands, stone dining tables and shelving units made of stone look spectacular and unusual.

Stone furniture in the sun absorbs the warmth and create a therapeutic thermal effect that relaxes and heal the tired muscles, slowly dissipating the heat. Modern furniture made of stone demonstrate not only comfortable, but spectacular design ideas. Stone furniture design offers natural, unique and eco friendly products for home decorating.

Designer furniture mad of stone, rock coffee tables

Luxurious and sustainable design of stone furniture delights and amazes. Stone furniture pieces last for centuries and compliments natural feel of eco homes, elegant home interiors ad chic outdoor rooms. Stone furniture design ideas are versatile and attractive, making outdoor furniture made of stone blend with the surroundings without intruding.

Glass top coffee table with stone base
Stone furniture for outdoor rooms
Modern coffee table with stone top
Shelving unit, stone furniture design for contemporary interior decorating in eco style
Unique furniture designed of stone, dining table with mosaic tiles
Stone furniture, shelving units and coffee tables for contemporary interior decorating in eco style

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