25 Hanging Bed Designs Floating in Creative Bedrooms

beds hanging from ceiling

Contemporary bed hanging from a ceiling

Hanging bed designs are not new bedroom decorating ideas, but contemporary bedrooms show off extravagant and playful, creative and modern hanging beds built of new materials and with new technology to hold them on the wall or under the ceiling. Hanging bed designs change and evolve, defining interesting trends in home decorating with a wall mounted or hanging bed frame.

Hanging bed designs are simple and fascinating. Four ropes run to the hanging bed frame corners, pass them through a circular hole and create knots below. This is an easy, inexpensive and charming solution works well for bedroom decorating with a hanging bed frame. Hanging bed designs require only a strong ceiling that can support the extra weight.

Hanging bed designs vary in styles, materials and a method which allows to hang a bed from the ceiling or mount it on the wall, but all of them are a great space saving ideas for creative small bedrooms. Whether you want to hang the bed from the ceiling in your own home bedroom or outside depends on your preferences, the climate you live in, your tastes and a sense of style, but hanging a bed frame from the ceiling or on the wall add an unusual bedroom furniture pieces and personalize your bedroom decorating or give a character to your outdoor living spaces.

Hanging beds

Contemporary bed hanging from a ceiling

Contemporary bedroom decorating with hanging bed designs uses slim, but strong cords and strands of steel, that allows to add minimalist style to your bedroom interior design. Also you can hang a bed from the ceiling using only two points of support while the bed can stand or be mounted on the wall with other two corners.

You can not only hang  bed from the ceiling, but add a floating headboard to hanging platform bed, personalizing your bedroom decorating ideas and make a statement with creative designs. If you like to hang a bed from the ceiling, but do not want it to swing back and forth, there are contemporary options for using rigid steel tension rods that will help hang a bed from the ceiling, creating additional under-bed storage spaces and holding the hanging bed frame tight.

Kids bed hanging from a ceiling

Beds that hang from the ceiling are nice space saving ideas for really small bedroom designs, because the bed takes up most of the floor area. Especially when there is not a lot of room for the rest of bedroom furniture, – desks and chairs –  the bedroom design with hanging loft bed  or a bed hanging from the ceiling is a great idea.

Hanging beds adding summer thrill to backyard designs

Fun interior decorating ideas, Swing Seats by Svvving

Multifunctional furniture design reinventing home furnishings for small spaces

Hanging beds on the wall or beds that hang from the ceiling maximize small spaces and allow to create more comfortable bedroom designs that shows the full potential, allows to arrange functional zones and provide convenient storage.

Single bed hanging from a ceiling

Hanging bed designs

Beds that hang from the ceiling usually offer just a little more storage space than a regular bed with room underneath the bed frame. A contemporary hanging bed on a pulley system which is allowing the bed to be swung to the ceiling and out of the way create a spacious bedroom during the day. These contemporary hanging bed designs require fairly high ceilings and high quality pulley systems.

Ergonomic hammock for indoor and outdoor living spaces

Large hammock bed design with canopy and caged pendant lights

21 loft beds in different styles, space saving ideas for small rooms

Hanging loft bed designs

Hanging loft bed is inspired by contemporary bunk beds with tables, chairs and storage furniture pieces under the hanging bed frame. Some hanging loft bed designs include just a loft and a ladder, other hanging beds demonstrate more sophisticated design ideas. These beds that hang from the ceiling and mounted on the wall at the same time are ideal space saving ideas for college dorm rooms and small bedroom designs for middle school kids or teenagers.

Two beds that hang from the ceiling
Hanging bed frame
Baby bed hanging from a ceiling

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