25 Fantastic Architectural Designs for Green Living in Floating Cities

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green living in floating cities, futuristic architectural designs

Floating cities are futuristic architectural designs that reflect our dreams of living on the water.  Waterfront homes provides great views and are great for relaxing lifestyle. Floating homes add tranquility to spectacular views and offer green living style. Sustainable design of floating green building structures look futuristic and soon will become a reality.

Floating cities feature fully self-functional and sustainable design. Highly practical and comfortable, contemporary green building and parks look beautiful and captivating. These architectural designs show fresh and innovative thinking of sustainable architects and artists, creating amazing green living style for the future.

Floating cities are designed to be green and comfortable. Modern, comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, they provide great homes for thousands of people on the water. Recreational areas, theaters, shops and parks enhance the green ideas and add beauty to floating architectural designs.

Floating architectural designs for green living in the future

Floating city Lilypad for green living after the flood due to the extreme climate change

Futuristic architectural designs are fascinating. Amazing floating cities, especially those that are actually in the process of being built or will be built soon, are amazing. Check out the images and decide which one you like the most.

Lilypad design concept is an attempt to prepare for a future involving the horrible scenario of extreme climate change and floods. A Belgian artist has designed this Floating ecopolis Lilypad which is to be a home for thousands of people.

Green living on the water, floating architectural designs

It contains three mountains and it floats. The floating city is able to house up to 50 thousand people. Its ability to float will help it cope with the loss of land due to melting ice at the poles.

Urban sustainable architecture, floating Arcology design concepts for green living after flooding

Houses of the future, 10 amazing futuristic design ideas

Futuristic kitchen, design trends in small kitchen appliances

Futuristic architectural design are both impressive and stylish, blending contemporary design with modern ideas that people dream to incorporate into their life. These green building are naturally shaped demonstrating attractive, organic and sustainable design ideas.

Floating communities of the future
Creative green building ideas
Floating cities of the future

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