22 Unique Beds, Designer Furniture for Modern Bedroom Decorating

unusual bed designs, designer furniture

Recycling beer barrel for unique bed design


Unusual beds can make your life interesting and exciting. Unique bed design ideas help create memorable experiences whether you are looking for decorating a traditional modern bedroom, contemporary or a bedroom in eco friendly country home decorating style. Unusual beds brings more fun into bedroom design, and Lushome shares some amazing bed design ideas that may surprise and inspire.

Bed designs from medieval castles, Moorish fortresses, ancient monasteries, luxurious charming palaces and stately manor houses give great inspirations for classic bedroom decorating with timelessly elegant or chic beds. The historic bed designs and antique beds can look very stylish in an unique bedroom.

Contemporary beds in unusual shapes and featuring surprising details are as special as the classic beds. Each contemporary design offers a one-of-a-kind, interesting and comfortable bed for ultimate relaxation and good rest, while adding modern vibe and creativity to bedroom decorating.

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Unique beds

Recycling beer barrel for unique bed design

Some beds are futuristic and extraordinary. Others are precious, especially antique, carved wood and wrought iron beds. Designer furniture pieces are amazing jewels that brighten up and style modern bedroom decorating. When you have a unique bed, you are right inside the beautiful and very personal room, enjoying unusual, very personal and unforgettable experiences.

Even in a cave a person tries to make a comfortable bed. Comfort and functionality are important parts of bed design. Made by different designers, unique beds have character and make a statement. From rooms that are all white to wooden bedrooms in eco style, designer furniture in classic, traditional contemporary or eco style pieces is very modern and very dramatic.

Unusual beds in eco style, wooden beer barrel bed in Ostbevern hotel, Germany

Some of unusual beds are not too expensive, but most designer furniture pieces are quite pricey. They are whimsical, playful, luxurious and inspiring, offering various experiences in different styles.

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Unusual beds surprising with extravagant bedroom furniture design ideas

This eco friendly beds add charming wooden bedroom furniture pieces and create luxury of solid wood and comfortable brown colors. Eco friendly bed designs enhance intimate bedroom decorating and enrich relaxing environment by adding stunning centerpieces of bedroom decor.

Built-in the wall, black bed
Rocking bed, wood furniture design
Space saving bed design with drawers and small wooden shelves
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