22 Cheap Ideas for Valentines Day, Romantic Hearts Decorations and Cute Gifts

romantic valentines day ideas and gifts
Wooden hearts decorations


Valentines ideas can be romantic and inexpensive. Instead of creating more stress, making Valentine’s Day gifts and decorating can be fun. Pressure to do something special for your Valentines can be high, but Lushome offers cute and cheap ideas to help you create stress-free, quiet, romantic and pleasant Valentines Day and surprise your Valentines with terrific gifts, even at the last minute.

Simple Valentines Day ideas include making delightful hearts decorations, preparing heart-shaped food or decorating your holiday table with edible decorations in heart shapes, which are romantic and elegant. Sugar or chocolate hearts are incredible decorations and beautiful, romantic and unique gifts. Heart-shaped eggs, sandwich hearts or heart-shaped toasts add fun and creativity to Valentines ideas.

Writing love notes from the heart and making paper crafts for interior decorating are other quick and cheap ideas for Valentines Day. Using a red, pink or purple ribbon for decorating cards, adding red berries to table decorations are simple, but spectacular Valentines ideas which make the special day brighter.

Impressive table decoration ideas for Valentines Day

Romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day room decorating with candles

20 Valentine Day ideas turning food into hearts decorations

Cheap ideas for Valentines Day

Wooden hearts decorations

1. Heart shaped food and tableware.

2. Hearts decorations, rose petals and candles for Valentine’s Day table decorating.

Valentine’s day table decorating ideas

3. Handmade heart shaped wall decorations with lights.

Heart shaped wall lights

4. Heart shaped wall stickers and handmade wall decorations.

Heart shaped wall decorations

5. Valentines day candles.

Heart shaped candle holders

6. Pink and red colors for small gift box decorating.

Small gifts in gift boxes decorated with red, pink and purple ribbons

7. Eco gifts.

Unique eco gifts

8. Outdoor dining, backyard decorating with candles and lanterns.

Outdoor dining beside swimming pool decorated with flower petals

9. Felt crafts for candles centerpieces.

Hearts decorations for candles

10. Food gifts decorated with ribbons in pink and red colors.

Red color for accentuating gifts

11. Accent wall design with red hearts decorations.

Valentine’s day accent wall design in white and red colors

12. Fragrant soap bars and fresh flowers.

Heart-shaped fragrant soap bars

13. Write love notes.

Love notes

14. Add hearts decorations to their favorite wine bottles.

15. Make hearts decorations for their mugs.

Favorite wine bottle and hearts decorations

16. Create table decorations and centerpieces with wooden hearts decorations and candles.

Heart candles centerpiece ideas

17. Make colorful hearts decorations to decorate interiors.

Hearts decorations in glass jars

18. Make garlands with hearts decorations for your fireplace mantel.

Fireplace decorating with red hearts decorations and lights

19. Create romantic mood and add playful accents to Valentine’s Day gifts.

Playful Valentine ideas, raspberry in a jewelry box

20. Add meaning to Valentine’s Day gifts.

Keys in glass bottles, romantic Valentines ideas, and gifts

21. Create unique Valentines Day cards.

Handmade Valentines Day cards

22. Give your time.

Spending time together, smelling roses

  by Ena Russ   

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