21 Cool Kids Room Decorating Ideas to Steal

cool kids room decorating ideas and bright interior colors
Cool kids room decorating with custom made roofed bed and lantern


Creative kids room decorating ideas help children to feel happy and special. Personalized and unique kids room design makes a child feel comfortable and be proud of his home. If you are searching for cool kids design ideas, check out which Lushome created for you. Steal the look or get inspired to add fresh and creative designs and decorations to your kids rooms.

By making use of neutral colors and bright interior paint alone you can bring in interesting and drastic changes into kids room design. Custom made furniture for kids room, contemporary lighting fixtures and bold color combinations add fun and joy to children life.

Themed rooms are one of popular trends in decorating kids rooms. You can create a fantasy world for your children and add adventurous feel to children bedroom decor. Walls decorated with cartoon characters, bright toy and colorful bedding, combined with creative painting ideas and unusual lighting fixtures create amazing kids room design.

Creative kids room decorating, clutter for modern wall design

Space saving kids room decorating ideas for young boy and girl sharing one bedroom

Creative kids room decorating ideas

Cool kids room decorating with custom made roofed bed and lantern

Cool kids room decorating depends only on your budget and how imaginative and open to new and unusual ideas you want to be. Bright interior paint and cool kids bedroom furniture, unique details and colorful accents turn kids rooms into spectacular living spaces.

Decorative interior paint in bright colors let bring inspiring designs. Colorful painting ideas help create certain moods, enhance themed decor and let children explore the wildest of their dream and the best of their thoughts.

Sea adventure inspired kids room design, white and blue colors and nautical decor ideas for kids room decorating

Lighting fixtures for kids rooms can be very decorative and bold. The way a room is illuminated helps change the look and feel of kids room decorating. Lighting fixtures and interior colors play vital role in kids room decorating. Customized lighting fixtures for the kids room, like flying vehicles, stars, moon and the sun, butterflies and lowers, can beautifully accentuate interior design and enhance colorful and playful kids room decorating.

Smart kids room design, 5 basic principles for kids room decorating

25 modern kids room design ideas and decorating inspirations

Infusing your thoughts and creative kids room decorating ideas in children bedrooms and playrooms is exciting. Bright interior colors, interesting themed decor, unique designs for kids rooms and personalized accents bring magic into life and give a playful, youthful and modern touch to kids room design.

Colorful kids room decorating with bunk beds and creative storage ideas
Mirrored closet doors with stars and night sky ceiling design

Loft bed with tent canopy and staircase bookcase
Modern kids room design with window seat
Kids room decorating with bright lighting fixtures and wall painting
Music theme for kids room decorating
Unique kids room furniture and storage ideas, creative ceiling design and nautical decor ideas
Romantic kids room decorating in vintage style

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