2015 European Design Trends and Modern Home Decorating Ideas

latest trends in home decorating and european interior design

European design trends 2015 set the mood for modern interior design and home decorating. European design trends and decorating ideas for 2015 blend romantic with luxurious, and offer contemporary home furnishings to please every taste and match any style. Floral designs and silky fabrics, soft seats and shiny metal accents, nature inspired designs and fabulous crystal lighting fixtures, creative bed headboard ideas and handmade home accents are modern interior design trends and decorating ideas that are celebrated by European designers in 2015.

Lushome presents a few European designs for modern interior decorating that reflect the latest trends. European designs vary, bringing romantic luxury and contemporary simplicity, combined with originality into modern life. It seems like Europe is always one step ahead of the world, offering space saving, creative and fresh interior design trends and decorating ideas for modern homes.

European designs are show the cutting-edge interior design trends, keeping home decorating products on the market and modern interior decorating ideas one step ahead of the rest of the world market.  The inventive and classic European designs demonstrate modern interior design trends and decorating ideas, helping people to keep their eyes wide open for changes and new collections from Europe that are fresh, innovative, interesting and stylish.

Modern kitchen design, simple and sleek masterpieces for contemporary interiors

Mini pig benches and dining chairs with leather cushions, unique European designs

European interior design trends and home decorating ideas

Modern bathroom sinks

Furniture with floral designs, soft fabric seats, carved wood details, chic crystal lighting and surprising furniture decoration ideas, like classic painting ideas and natural upholstery fabrics, are modern interior design trends in classic style.

Contemporary style lovers can enjoy beautiful European designs inspired by traditional and modern ideas, nature inspired home decorations, simplicity and elegance of shiny metal surfaces, creative lighting fixtures and handmade accents, perfect for personalizing modern interior design and home decorating.

Nature inspired home decorations, European designs

European designs show off an exciting blend of classic style and inventions. Some of the oldest civilizations on the planet are located in Europe, and modern interior design and decorating ideas reflect their rich cultures and long history. European designs have thousands of reasons to be inventive, space saving and creative.

7 modern interior design trends 2015 reinventing classic luxury and versatile functionality

Top 10 popular interior design trends 2015

Modern bedroom furniture, European designs

Modern bedroom decorating ideas by Ulivi Salotti
Modern bedroom furniture in classic style from Tempor collection
Rivatelier bedroom furniture design

Modern furniture decoration ideas

Storage furniture decoration ideas from NatureDesign, latest trends in decorating
Nature inspired coffee table design by SkylineDesign
Modern living room furniture, Saint Babila
Hanging chair by Natuzzi

Modern home decorations

Nature inspired home decorations by Skyline Design
Ceramic sculptures, modern home decorations by Linea Sette Ceramishe

Modern kitchen trends

Stainless steel kitchen sink, modern kitchen trends from Pinton di Pinton Fabio
Latest kitchen trends, modern kitchen from Lube Cucine
Modern tableware and color design ideas from Lube Cucine

Modern design trends in storage furniture

Shelving unit and room divider by Roberto Cavalli Home Interioirs
Modern kitchen storage furniture, design ideas from Pinton di Pinton Fabio

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  last updated: 03.11.2014