20 Ways to Add Personal Touch to Modern Interior Decorating

decorative accessories and room colors for modern interior design


Personal interior decorating ideas include unique small details that change rooms. It is the little details that are vital. Small details, decorative accents, a touch of color and cute little things make big things happen in modern interior decorating.

Lushome shares money saving tips, inspirations for recycling and creative interior decorating ideas that show how to personalize rooms. Spring decorating ideas, inspired by garden flowers and fresh leaves, handmade decorations and recycled crafts are cheap ideas that give great opportunities to change the way you rooms look and feel. Charming details add fabulous touches of color, pattern, shape and texture to modern interior decorating and transform living spaces.

Fresh flowers, books and candles create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Stunning coffee table centerpieces with driftwood, vintage books and flowers look romantic and beautiful with candles and spring flowers. Books are great decorative accessories that add a nice touch to room decorating.

Modern interior decorating with little things

Soft white and pastel green colors, fresh flowers, cozy interior decorating ideas

Twigs and flowering branches, sculptural driftwood pieces and sea shells are fantastic Green accessories for modern interior decorating. Add a ouch of paint to your coffee table or wall, wall mirror frame or flower pots, chair legs or drawers handles to create fresh interior decorating.

Handmade decorative accessories that recycle fabrics or other useless items add unique designs to modern interior decorating. Creative displays, recycled crafts and handmade home accessories, combined with modern tableware sets and crystal glasses, make living spaces look bright, but relaxing and welcoming.

Recycling burlap fabrics for decorative pillows to personalize modern bedroom decorating

Recycling clutter and using the best items you have change your lifestyle and bring creativity and luxury into interior decorating.

30 creative interior door decoration ideas to personalize modern interiors

Framed photographs and empty picture frames are wonderful little things that bring changes into interior decorating in no time. Paint them bright color or white and black, adorn with your favorite floral designs, vintage postcards, fabric or lace in vintage style, adding a personal and romantic touch to modern interior decorating.

Room furniture, alarm clock and books in vintage style, modern interior decorating ideas

Recycle clutter and turn useless items into creative handmade decorations and unique accents that enrich interior decorating with innovative and fresh design. To give your rooms a new look, move room furniture, creating a library nook in your dining room or kitchen, rearrange living room chairs or find new spots for table lamps.

Leather flowers to personalize modern interior decorating with handmade floral designs

Bring house plants and flowers into your home. Recycle old bowls, cups, teapots and watering cans for creative containers. Growing edible herbs add green color to modern interior decorating. Flowers bring energy, natural beauty and joy into your rooms.

Coffee table decoration with fresh flowers, glass vase and books

Change floor rugs and recycle old clothes or fabric leftovers for charming recycled crafts. Handmade home decorations, pillows cases, lamp shades or wall organizers made with natural fabrics, are cheap ideas that personalize modern interior decorating and create pleasantly relaxing environment in rooms.

Space saving built-in office furniture in corners to personalize modern interior decorating

Add door decorations or paint your exterior doors different colors to invite positive changed into your home. New hardware, creative handles, bright paint colors and unusual designs add fun to house exterior and interior decorating.

Romantic bathroom decorating ideas, recycling window frame for wall mirror with hat and flowers, wall artwork in wooden frames in vintage style
Creative shelving unit with books arranged by color

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