20 Modern Interior Design and Decor Ideas Inspired by Provencal Style

room colors, modern interior design and decorating ideas in provencal style


Provencal style is warm and beautiful. Modern interior design and decor with Provencal charm are cozy and relaxing. Modern Provencal style offers a great alternative to urban interior decorating ideas. Interior design and decor inspired by Provencal style is elegantly simple, comfortable and very attractive.

Lushome shares ideas for modern interior design and decor that blend French chic and warmth of Provencal style and contemporary, simple and functional solutions. Modern interiors inspired by Provencal style are popular, welcoming and stylish. Interior design with a touch of Provencal style charm are pleasant and beautiful.

Simple interior design and decor ideas, accents and details, that bring Provencal style into modern home interiors, create bright, airy and comfortable living spaces, perfect for kids and adults. Traditional country home decorating ideas in Provencal style are breezy, simple, light and inviting.

Elegant Christmas decorating ideas blending light gray color and French chic

Modern interior design and French decorating ideas

Modern interior design and decorating ideas inspired by Provencal style

Modern interior design and decor in Provencal style reflect the amazing beauty of this Southern French region. Provence is a wonderful, spectacular and unique area with fabulous landscapes, lavender fields and gorgeous sunny skies. Room colors, that include blue color shades and golden colors, lilac purple color shades and soft white tones, reflect captivating natural surroundings in Provence.

Fresh flowers, natural motifs, pleasant fragrances and colorful flower designs are important elements of interior design and decor in modern Provencal style. Wooden furniture and nature inspired wall decorations, accents in vintage style and wood or iron beds are excellent interior decorating ideas in French country home style.

Kids room decorating for two children

Interior design and decorating ideas in Provencal style call for soft pastels and warm neutral colors, – from pale cream and white decorating ideas, to sand hues and soft deep purple color shades. The purpose of interior design in modern Provencal style is to create the atmosphere of a quiet French province where peaceful tranquility and relaxing lifestyle blend with comfortable and modern ideas.

Modern interior design ideas inspired by French country home decorating style

A distinctive element of modern Provencal style is floral arrangements, natural motifs, pleasant fragrances and colorful flower designs. Lots of green decor accessories, natural aroma, edible herbs and flowers in attractive containers transform modern interior design by adding charm of Provencal style.

Flower planters and stands in vintage style for home decorating in Provencal style

Room colors and flower designs

Lovely French country home interiors and outdoor rooms with rustic decor

The floral theme, inspired by Provencal style, house plants, floral arrangements, natural motifs, pleasant natural fragrances and colorful flower designs are great for interior design and home decorating in modern Provencal style. Topiary art , vases with fresh flowers and floral designs in decor create charming, attractive and modern home interiors with Provencal vibe.

Living room design in modern Provencal style

Living room design and decor in modern Provencal style

Modern interior design and decor ideas in Provencal style is a way to create a pleasant illusion of comfortable and peaceful lifestyle in a French village with soft room colors and French accents in vintage style. Beige, light gray color tones, soft white decorating ideas, coffee with milk, wheat, pale lilac, olive, pale turquoise, blue color shades and deep purple color shades are color design choices that bring Provencal atmosphere into interior design and decor.

Kitchen interiors in modern Provencal style

White kitchen colors, wooden furniture and light window curtains with flower designs

Bedroom decorating ideas in modern Provencal style

Bedroom decorating ideas, floral designs and white neutral colors, wooden bed and ceiling beams

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