Modern Interior Design Inspired by French Country Home Decorating Style

carved wood ceiling beams
Carved wood ceiling beams, interior design with rustic wood inspired by French country home decorating



Chalet du Golf shows off modern interior design and chic decorating ideas inspired by comfortable and natural French country home decorating style. The chalet hotel is designed and built by architectural studio Bo Design, and provides great inspirations for luxurious cabin or cottage design and decorating.

Interior design ideas are simple and luxurious, enhancing the chic of French country home decorating style and emphasizing the beautiful look of natural materials and wood carving designs. Rustic wood floor and ceiling, wall panels and furniture , combined with natural decorating home fabrics are perfect for cabin interiors.

Natural stone and neutral color palette create calming harmony with modern stainless steel kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures. Unique carved wood details and original art works add to aesthetic appeal, creating inviting and interesting modern interior design in French country home style.

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Bright art works provide gorgeous decorations and add luxury to simple country home decorating and wooden interior design. Stone and wood turn modern interiors, designed by Bo Design, into amazing rooms that are worth to visit.

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Carved wood ceiling beams, modern interior design with rustic wood inspired by French country home decorating

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