Amazing Wood Furniture and Office Interior Design with Rustic Vibe

wood desk and seats made from tree trunk with bark

Massive wood desk and seats made from tree trunk with bark


The majestic beauty of trees inspires this unusual office interior design which features a unique rustic vibe and looks spectacular. Creative and unique rustic wood furniture pieces decorate this fabulous room. A large desk and seats made from the massive logs with bark look dramatic. Large wood pieces give character to the office interior, and make the design look so unique and impressive.

Salvaged wood transforms the showroom of American wood company Arborica, and their office into these amazing displays of beautiful logs turned into modern rustic wood furniture. The office interior with a wooden ceiling and fantastic rustic wood furniture pieces looks amazing providing a lovely retreat away from sawing and chopping facilities.

Custom-made wooden furniture pieces anchor this impressive interior design. Rustic wood seats made from rough-hewn eucalyptus tree trunks are original and surprising but simply comfortable and inviting. They add welcoming charm to the office, created for an arborist Evan Shively from Arborica.

Wood wall shelves with bark trim, organic interior design ideas by Tseh

Tree logs for home decorating, unique log furniture and yard decorations

Wood office interior design

Massive wood desk and seats made from tree trunk with bark
Wooden desk and metal cabinet for office storage, metal and rustic wood furniture for unique interior design in rustic eco style

Light color palette works well with natural color tones of wooden desks, seats, and ceiling. The interior feels bright, warm and pleasant. Steel storage cabinets and unique vintage chairs with nice seats and backrests add modernism to modern office design and brighten up the room design in rustic eco style.

The massive office desk is made from three solid wood pieces. A slab of redwood recycled from a salvaged wine tank placed on a top of two heavy eucalyptus wood pieces which create the impressive desk base.

Wood chair with metal base in vintage style, eco interior design ideas

Two halves of eucalyptus tree log are mounted on casters and serve as original, creative and surprisingly comfortable seats. Tree bark adds a natural feel to the rustic elegance of this fabulous office design. Green color increase the effect blending interior design with outdoors.

Large tree trunks for yard decoration

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