2 Modern Interior Design Ideas for Brilliant Small Kitchen Transformation

blue kitchen colors

White and blue kitchen colors and space saving layout for small kitchens


Small kitchen design needs to be especially functional and comfortable. Here are 3 modern interior design ideas for very small kitchen interiors that can inspire your to transform your tiny kitchen into an attractive and multifunctional living space.

Small kitchen design that incorporated a wide wall shelf that can be used as an additional working surface and a dining table is a great idea for small kitchen interiors. Small kitchen peninsulas or wall shelves add a contemporary touch and flair to small spaces, creating comfortable and multifunctional small kitchen interiors.

Small kitchen design encourages you to declutter your home and eat natural food that requires short time for cooking. Light and functional small kitchen design is a way to free your time for fun and improve your health.

Small kitchen design ideas

Small kitchen designs, 15 modern kitchen design ideas for small spaces

Small kitchen design, space saving modern kitchen cabinet from Kitchoo

Small kitchen with peninsula, sliding stove and glass shelves, space saving ideas for small kitchens

A small kitchen with a peninsula is an ideal solution for a tiny interior, that helps create more spacious and visually pleasing modern kitchen design in small apartments and homes.

Contemporary and natural materials, glass and metal, light interior paint colors, sufficient storage space and weightless furnishings turn small kitchens into beautiful modern interiors that invite and delight.

Mobile kitchen offering space saving ideas for small kitchens and contemporary nomad lifestyle

Kitchen design with peninsula, 20 modern kitchen designs for large and small spaces

White and blue kitchen colors and space saving layout for small kitchens

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 27.09.2012

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