2 Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bottles and Egg Cartons for Home Decorations and Small Gifts

recycled crafts, how to make plastic flower designs
Beautiful flowers, handmade home decorations and unique gifts


Recycling is surprising and fun offering fantastic craft ideas for kids and adults, which help protect the planet. Lushome shares two great ideas for recycling plastic bottles and egg cartons to turn these used packaging products into unique handmade home decorations.

Recycling plastic bottles for colorful and beautiful flowers allows to create amazing home decorations on a dime. Recycling egg cartons offer fantastic art and craft ideas to prepare unique gifts and decorations for eco homes.

Beautiful flowers painted bright colors look spectacular. Recycling plastic bottles for these impressive home decorations is simple and easy. Acrylic paint and empty plastic bottles, a candle and scissors are all you need to make bright and beautiful flowers.

Handmade home decorations and simple gift ideas

Retro style Christmas theme decorations and gift ideas

How to make beautiful flowers recycling plastic bottles

Beautiful flowers, handmade home decorations and unique gifts

Cut out simple flower shapes, and the use candle flame to heat and form unique flower petals. Melted edge of plastic flower petals is soft and safe to use the beautiful flowers for home decorating or making unique gifts.

Twist flower petals slightly to add charming accents to flower designs. All imperfections are great for nature inspired design.

Recycling plastic bottles for handmade flower designs
How to make plastic flower designs
Recycled crafts, ideas for making flower designs
Painted plastic flower designs

How to make mushrooms recycling eff cartons

Papeir mache decorations make wonderful small gifts and holiday decorations turning clutter into treasure. Christmas tree decorations and summer party decor, inspired by the nature are excellent recycled crafts ideas for kids and adults. Papier mache mushrooms make great summer party decor and bring a natural feel into Christmas decorating.

Plastic recycling for home decorations

How to recycle plastic bottles, simple recycled crafts

Egg cartons are an excellent material for papier mache designs which are easy to make. Egg cartons are great for creating hard material that can be used to cover various surfaces or formed into various objects. It is often used in arts and crafts to make various sculptures, fruit bowls, puppets, dolls and much more.

Mushrooms, recycled crafts and home decorations

The surface is easy to paint, allowing you to add patterns, bright colors, and interesting designs to your finished home decorations recycling egg cartons. Here is a tutorial in details showing how to make the basic papier mache mushrooms that can be used for any interior decorating project or unique eco gifts that you have in mind.

How to make papier mache crafts
Painting papier mache decorations
Mushrooms, recycled crafts and home decorations
Papier mache mushroom, craft ideas for kids and adults
Papier mache mushrooms, recycled crafts

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