15 Ways to Organize your Home for Winter, Recycle and Find Enough Room for Holiday Decorations

door decoration in winter
Winter decorating ideas, practical solution to fight drafts



Winter decorating and home organization ideas offer lots of tips and hacks on ways to get prepared for the cold, but the festive season. Getting organized and choosing practical winter decorating ideas are smart ways to save money on the costs of heating your house and keeping your family comfortable in winter. With its short days and cold temperatures, winter is the beautiful season of festive holidays, winter sports, and spectacular changes in the surroundings. Keeping your home warm, clean, and organized makes winter decorating fun when you do not need to worry about emergencies and extreme weather inconveniences or home organization.

Here are a few useful tips for preparing your home for the winter season. Spending some time on organizing and getting ready for the cold means you can focus on winter holiday decorations and making the most out of your festive, inviting, beautiful home. Bright, space-saving, simplified ideas are the modern trends in decorating for winter holidays. Decluttering and recycling will help to free more room for holiday decorations also. Implementing the home staging tips will help prepare your home for winter and enjoy the stress-free holiday season.

Tips on preparing your home for the winter holidays

Preparing for gorgeous winter months in country homes buried in snow

Fall leaves yard decorations, making your lawn ready for winter

Home staging tips for the winter sale

Country home surrounded by winter forest

1. Stock up on salt and other ice removing solutions

Getting rid of ice is a way to prepare your home for the season and create safe outdoors for enjoying winter decorating.

Beautiful modern house designs in snow country

Adding attractive bird feeders to your winter yard decorating

Beautiful winter gardens with snow-capped plants, smart garden designs

Shoveling snow in winter

2. Entryway decoration

Decorate your entrances with durable snow-proof doormats which are easy to clean. A DIY pebble tray for winter boots is a great idea for personalizing your entryway design and enhance the spirit of the winter season. A tray, filled with pebbles, keep water from boots that otherwise will sit in a puddle. Also, a pebble tray adds a unique accent to your entryway design and brightens up your functional room.

Winter decorating ideas, pebble tray with winter boots

3. Eliminate drafts in your home

Door socks and other DIY draft blockers are excellent craft ideas for winter decorating. Drafts waste up to 30% of your energy use, increasing the cost of house heating in winter. Thick, heavy drapes minimize cold air entering into your home through the glass, and door socks help fight drafts in your house. Plastic wrap can insulate your windows while letting in light. Thick window curtains, door sock or draft guards make home decorations that are functional and beautiful. Cutting an old pool noodle in halves, then wrapping each end in winter-themed fabric creates an attractive and practical draft guard for your door. Old socks can be stuffed with filler, decorated with ornaments, and placed under the door or at the bottom of drafty windows. These functional DIY designs create a warm and comfortable home while accentuating colorful winter decorating ideas.

Winter decorating ideas, practical solution to fight drafts
Draft stopper, winter decorating with colorful designs
Floor decoration, door socks saving money on heating costs

Home organizing and winter decorating tips

4. Make room for winter decorations

Winter decorating ideas can be elegantly simple or impressively luscious. All depends on your storage spaces which you have to use after the holidays. Clutter-free decorating and efficient home organization are hot ideas for decorating small apartments and homes. Rich decor ideas make spacious rooms look festive, cozy, and welcoming. Your choice of winter decorating ideas depend on the size of your home and good organization.

Alternative Christmas tree design, minimalist style winter decorating

5. Creative Christmas decorations

Also, you can get inspired by space-saving ideas and resourcefulness of DIY projects. You can use scarves, mittens, and winter hats as seasonal decorations that you use on a daily basis. If there is not enough storage space in your home, hang the warm accessories on a decorative rope with pins or add playful hooks to spice up your winter decorating. Kids mittens, hats, warm socks look particularly pretty. Getting organized includes creative decorating with winter accessories and decor items you use during other seasons. Versatile seasonal decorations create clutter-free rooms and beautiful environment while elegantly organizing your home.

Organizing winter accessories, Christmas decorating with kids mittens
Winter decorating with mittens and holiday ornaments
Winter decorating with winter accessories and string lights
Colorful winter decorations, mittens garlands

6. Recycling picture frames

Recycling old picture frames turns clutter into beautiful holiday decorations.

White, red, green colors for winter decorating, picture frames with holiday ornaments
DIY Christmas decorations
Colorful Christmas decorations in red color

7. Alternative Christmas trees

Alternative Christmas trees are popular trends in decorating for winter holidays. Wall Christmas trees, holiday decorations made with wood shelves, ladders, ceiling-mounted Christmas trees offer original and modern ideas for winter decorating. Miniature Christmas trees and centerpieces designed with tabletop houseplants are the latest trends in decorating for the winter holiday season. Sring-light wall trees, wood planks wall trees decorated with winter ornaments are simplified Christmas trees that are space-saving, bright, and original.

Tabletop Christmas trees
Apple holiday tree, miniature Christmas tree design
Alternative Christmas trees, a wood holiday tree for wall decorating
Christmas tree wallpaper, winter decorating with alternative Christmas trees

8. Garlands

Winter garlands are easy to make, versatile, and festive home decorations.

Winter craft ideas, garlands, handmade Christmas decorations

9. Hanging Christmas decorations

Ceiling-mounted Christmas trees, chandeliers garlands, hanging from the ceiling ornaments, colorful Christmas accents, and green branches hanging from the ceiling are excellent, eye-catching, space-saving ideas which reflect the latest trends in decorating small rooms.

Beautiful holiday decorations with Christmas lights for dining rooms
Winter holiday decorating with Christmas balls, green branches, decorative candles

10. Vintage holiday cards

Holiday card displays bring good memories and add festive, winter-themed decorations to your rooms. Old postcards are a stylish way to accentuate your winter decorating. Using picture frames, message boards, and empty walls for holiday cards displays are space-saving ideas perfect for festive winter decorating.

Cheap decorations, recycling vintage holiday cards
Christmas ornaments; stars made of old cards
Recycling vintage holiday cards for handmade Christmas decorations

11. Chair covers

Decorating chair covers with winter ornaments and Christmas accents give a festive look to your rooms while offering space-saving ideas, ideal for small homes.

Snowmen, chair covers, winter decorating ideas
Snowman chair cover, how to make decorations while recycling fabrics

12. Recycling for decorative pillows and storage bags

Decorative pillows make beautiful storage bags for small, soft items. You can keep light blankets, tablecloths, napkins, winter hats, mittens, scarves in pillow covers while decorating your home for winter. Recycling sweaters for decorative pillows is a smart idea for decluttering your home and creating attractive storage bags. Christmas pillow covers enhance the spirit of the winter holidays and offer intelligent storage ideas.

Knitted pillow, recycling sweaters for decorative accessories, creative storage idea
Colorful winter decorating accessories, white-red pillows

13. Scented decorative candles

Scented candles bring seasonal aromas into homes and increase the festive vibe of the winter holidays. Decorative candles are beautiful accents, versatile, suitable for creating holiday tables and adding the seasonal accents to fireplace mantels and shelf decoration. Candles are perfect for low-budget holiday decorating of small spaces.

Scented candles, winter decorating idea
Blue candles, white Christmas balls, table centerpiece idea to recycle holiday decorations

14. Organizing wall shelves

Organized wall shelves provide more room for winter decorating. Even small spaces can handle some holiday decorations. Winter decorating with gift bags is another beautiful, space-saving, and bright idea.

Winter decorating ideas for shelves
Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces
Organizing shelves, creating space for winter decorating

15. Recycling for creative designs

Recycling is a fun activity that turns clutter into treasures and helps create free space in your home which you can use for seasonal decorating. Reuse and recycle everything you have in your house, transforming useless or broken items into original decorations and seasonal accents. Add different details and reuse the pieces for all other seasons.

  by Ena Russ   

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