Adding Bird Feeders to Your Winter Garden, Easy Ways to Help Birds

painted wood feeder

Painted wood birdfeeder


Bird feeders in your garden or local parks help birds to survive snowy, cold month. Late winter and early spring are the hardest times for feathered friends. Adding a bird feeder to your garden in winter is a great way to attract more birds to your backyard in spring and summer, creating a bird-friendly environment around your home.

DIY bird feeders can turn unwanted materials that clutter your home into useful things. The projects are perfect for kids and adults. Surviving in winter cold is very difficult for small animals. The sad statistics show that only 2 of 10 birds survive winter cold and stay healthy until warm spring days come. An additional bird feeder hanging in front of your window or on a branch in your local park can save many birds from hunger and cold.

Original bird feeders

Original birdfeeder design

Adding one or two of bird feeders do the trick of inviting birds into your life. Filled with fresh food bird feeders are just a small thing you can do to make your outdoor living spaces enjoyable and eco-friendly. Bird feeders are great DIY projects which create places for birds to come and eat. They are inexpensive but add lots of flying traffic to your yard and give you a unique opportunity to watch the natural life of beautiful birds.

Recycling plastic bottles for bird feeders

25 recycled crafts to make cheap bird feeders

Easy-to-make bird feeder designs

Modern bird feeder ideas, garden decorations

Bird feeders allow leaning a lot about behaviors of various birds and connect you to nature. DIY bird feeder designs can be simplistic or colorful, but all of them help our feathered friends stay alive, healthy, and happy, bringing beautiful spring songs and creating a welcoming habitat in gardens.

Metal plate, simple feeder idea

Bird watching in your backyard is a fun and relaxing hobby. While learning about the different bird species that live in your local area you can enjoy the intimate connection with the natural world. Tube feeders, tray and hopper designs or suet feeders are traditional and popular designs which turn your yard into the eco-friendly and inviting space, perfect for relaxation.

Plywood house birdfeeder with windows
Seed wreath feeder
Roofed feeder design
Contemporary feeder made with clear plastic
Painted wood birdfeeder

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