15 Smart Ways to Recycle Leftover Wallpaper Scraps for Home Decorating and Crafts

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Chair decorations with wallpaper flowers

Ideas to recycle unused wallpaper pieces for home decorating and crafts are eco-friendly, bright, and responsible. Leftover wallpaper scraps are beautiful materials that feature attractive patterns and colorful details that can create beautiful accents, decorate storage boxes, make anything look fresh and unique. Have a look at the ways of recycling wallpaper scraps while decluttering your storage spaces for something your need to keep on your shelves.

Industrial recycling of wallpaper is not simple. This decorative material contains synthetic inks and dyes which are hard to separate from paper. Modern wallpaper has chemicals. Recycling is expensive, so it is better to find the way to reuse and recycle wallpaper pieces at home. Giving leftover wallpaper scraps a new life is fun. There are many creative ways to find new purposes for beautiful wallpaper pieces you have in your storage.

Recycling for home decorating

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Working with new wallpaper is easy. The beautiful wallpaper designs offer many creative choices for home decorating. Adorned with colorful wallpaper patterns stair rises and doors look exciting and original. You can recycle leftover wallpaper rolls to line your drawers or shelves. Unique bed headboard ideas are other new purposes of wallpaper rolls.
1.Make picture frames

Wallpaper picture frames and wall decorations


2. Create unique bed headboard.

Bed headboard ideas recycling wallpaper

3. Reuse picture frames for wallpaper art.
Wallpaper art, recycling wooden frames and wallpaper scraps

4. Decorate interior doors.
Door decoration with white-blue wallpaper


5. Add patterns to storage boxes.

Decorating storage boxes with floral wallpaper

6. Recycle cereal boxes and wallpaper scraps for DIY filing bins.
Adding color to storage bins

7. Decorate storage shelves and build playhouses for kids.
Playhouse decorating with colorful wallpapers

8. Protect books.
Books covers recycling leftover wallpaper


9. Add wallpaper accents to stair rises.

Staircase decorating with different wallpaper patterns

10. Refresh shelves.
Storage furniture, shelf decorating with wallpaper


Recycling wallpaper for crafts

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Wallpapers are a sturdy alternative to traditional wrapping paper and craft materials. You can reuse and recycle smaller pieces in scrapbook projects or make colorful envelopes. Creating decorations for holiday tables, walls, and making flower bouquets look beautiful with wallpaper are fabulous ideas for recycling it for easy crafts.

11. Create beautiful flower bouquet presentations.

Flower bouquet in wallpaper

12. Use wallpaper in photography room.
Background screen


13. Wrap presents in wallpaper.

Wrapping presents in wallpaper

14. Make table decorations for special events.  

Chair decorations with wallpaper flowers

15. Reuse wallpaper for colorful envelopes.
Colorful envelopes

Reuse and recycle wallpaper rolls and small pieces instead of throwing them away. Give the decorative material a new purpose and stretch its life. Also, you can donate wallpaper scraps to a school in your community providing children with beautiful materials to design and enjoy crafts.

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