15 Interior Design Trends Worth to Explore, 22 Modern Room Decorating Ideas

modern ideas for interior decorating
Contemporary storage ideas, entryway design



Modern interior design trends bring fresh ideas that can feel challenging and extravagant, but the unusual solutions give us fantastic opportunities to stretch our boundaries, to explore something new, unique, creative and provocative, and to blend novel ideas into existing homes. All fears of making mistakes are just illusions. When you decorate your home for yourself and your family, your are the best decorator for the project.

There is nothing to fear when you experiment with mistake-proof ideas at home. Bringing new room colors, materials, and interior design ideas, reflecting the latest trends, improve your living spaces. Designers develop the interior trends to add a modern vibe and a fresh feel to your rooms, to make your home more organized, comfortable and attractive.

Lushome brings a collection of modern ideas and inspirations motivating to incorporate the current trends into your interior design and decorating projects. Here are ten interior design ideas that can transform your living spaces beyond recognition, create elegant and airy rooms, and turn them into comfortable, fresh and beautiful home interiors that increase home values.

Modern interior design trends, interconnection, and organic design

Interior trends reinventing classic luxury and versatile functionality

Modern interior design trends to stay or go away

Modern interior trends to increase home values

Exposed brick wall design and interior decorating in neutral color with bright accents, modern interior design trends

1. Minimalist style

Compact room furniture for small rooms and clutter-free interior decorating are modern ideas for creating elegant and spacious home interiors. Space saving solutions and minimalists style help visually stretch small rooms and create an impressive effect while increasing home values.

2. Kitchen storage

Comfortable and functional kitchen storage ideas allowing efficient organization and adding visual interest to beautiful interiors make homes look attractive and increase home values.


Kitchen storage and organization

3. Unique storage solutions

Creative storage ideas that add unique accents to interior design and improve the functionality of home furnishings change the entire feel of a home and personalize living spaces.

Creative storage ideas, under bed storage drawers

4. Attractive shelves

Modular shelving, DIY designs, and built-in furniture for storage create more spacious homes, improve the organization and give a fresh look to the clutter-free interior.

Contemporary storage ideas, entryway design

5. Playing with textures

Using various textures in modern interior design, especially natural materials and fibers, creates beautiful rooms that feel comfortable and relaxing.

Enhancing interior design with modern decor accents, natural rope lamp

6. Neutral color tones

Creating layers of various tones add depth to the interior design and enrich interior decorating. Soft, tender, creamy whites on crispy white, gray color tones on black or white bring chic and elegance into stylish rooms.

Monochromatic color combinations, various textures, and shapes, modern interior design trends

7. Vibrant colors

Vibrant colors and rich color schemes are terrific ideas for personalizing interiors and creating fantastic combinations of modern hues, textures, patterns, and shapes.

Bright color and creative home decorations

8. A fusion of styles

Mixing items for room decorating to add eclectic chic and unique look to modern interiors brighten up and personalize the interior design.

Original and surprising accents for room decorating

9. Vintage decor

Classic and retro-modern styles brought into interior design create beautiful rooms with vintage furniture and decor accessories. Vintage style wall decorations or old pictures and paintings that tell a story are fascinating ideas to connect generations and personalize home interiors.

Room furniture in vintage style

10. Contrasts

Sharp contrasts used in moderation, colorful accents with black and white decorating ideas, bold artworks on walls in neutral colors, bright accent wall design are just a few ways to play with contrasts and energize modern spaces.

Color contrasts and creative wall decoration idea, world map painted on black wall, black and white floor decor and storage cabinet in yellow color

11. Handmade accents

Handmade decor accessories make rooms look inviting, warm, and pleasant. Fabric crafts create a welcoming atmosphere, soften and beautify rooms, and make homes feel attractive.

Handmade decor accessories, crafts, pillows with colorful appliques and owl bird designs

12. Graphic designs

Creative combinations of decoration patterns, graffiti art, digital prints and graphic designs create visual interest and add a contemporary vibe to home interiors making room decorating look fresh and stylish.

Black and white decoration patterns, Ain Hod House in Tel Aviv, interior decorating by EN Design Studio

13. Green ideas and houseplants

Eco-friendly interior decorating ideas, recycling, and natural materials give a Green touch to modern homes. House plants, fresh flowers, branches with berries and green leaves, beautiful flower arrangements are fabulous ways to soften interior decorating and add a gentle touch to decor creating beautiful and comfortable homes.

House plants, cheap ideas and beautiful home accessories, modern interior trends in decorating

14. Surprising ideas

Something unique and original that can refresh existing interior decor is a modern way to blend unusual with traditional and create fresh, original, and stylish living spaces. A bold color or unique recycled crafts, vintage furniture or a massive chandelier in classic style, incredible details, original shape or new texture create beautiful accents and bring excitement into interior design and make living spaces look fresh, unique, and modern.

Unique decor accessories and lighting fixtures mixing vintage style and modern interior design, Hillsade apartment in London by Turner Pocock

15. Soft home fabrics and textiles

Soft home fabrics made with natural fibers, fur, felt, wool and other warm textures are modern ideas for interior decorating and creating a homey effect in beautiful and inviting rooms.

Faux fur and soft decorating fabrics for bedroom decorating
Fresh flowers and creative contrasts in colors, room furniture styles, and textures

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