Modern Interior Design Trends 2016 to Stay and Go Away

modern interior design trends

Creatively used rich and bright interior colors, modern interior design trends

Modern interior design ideas are in a state of constant flux. The demands of new materials and novel forms, along with the rapid pace of technological innovations and human creativity create modern interior design trends that are seldom permanent. What was fresh and inspiring two years back may not necessarily be stylish and interesting today.

Lushome analyzed modern interior design trends and selected those that need to go away. At the same time, there are certain interior design trends that tend to stay remain modern, interesting and inspiring. Here are modern interior design trends for 2016 that have power to stay even longer.

Simple color schemes, black and white decorating ideas with a touch of bright color, impressive centerpieces and oversize furniture and lighting fixtures, subtle and soft color design, interior design and decorating ideas in retro styles from 50s to 70s and even 80s, interior design in minimalist style, sculptural and textured designs which add character and interest to modern interiors are top modern interior design trends 2016 to stay much longer.

Top 10 modern interior design trends and stylish room colors

Top 6 modern interior design trends, interconnection and organic design

Modern interior design trends

Open living spaces connected to the nature, glass wall design, modern interior design trends 2016 to stay

Modern interior design trends come and go, but classic interior design principles remain. Contemporary technology and new materials, advancements in home appliances and innovative interior design trends are just modern reflections of the basic principles of interior design.

Modern interior design trends help express personality in a unique way and create safe, comfortable, functional and appealing living spaces with some interest and originality. The real interior design trends reflect the history with all mistakes and corrections. The more interior design ideas change, the more they stay the same, offering new and just forgotten techniques and solutions.

Modern interior design trends, classic and retro styles

Modern interior design trends to go away

7 modern interior design trends reinventing classic luxury and versatile functionality

Modern interior design trends and decorating colors everyone loves

Classy interior design trends stick around because they represent basic principles. Some modern interior design trends go away because they reflect experiments and a current mood in the society. Getting rid of old ideas allows to create free space for new concepts and welcome fresh and surprising interior design trends in 2016.

Taxidermy art, animal skins and fur
Animal prints and faux fur designs, modern interior design trends

1. Taxidermy, stuffed animals, natural horns and skins of animals.

2. Lacking interest interior design in one single style. Even rooms in classic style can feel dated. Adding a touch of ethnic interior decorating accents or items in industrial style gives new life to classic home interiors, and defines one of modern interior design trends 2016 which has the power to stay.

Classic bedroom design
Modern interior design with ethnic accents, fabric prints and furniture items

3. Furniture sets in one color, material, form and style.

Vintage furniture, classic interior decorating ideas
Creative vintage furniture design ideas, modern interior design trends

4. Using wall mirrors just as functional items of interior design. Modern wall mirrors can be true wall decorations and centerpieces. Groups of creative small mirrors and large mirrors can create fantastic optical illusions and dramatically transform modern living spaces.

Freestanding large wall mirrors, modern interior decorating ideas
Wall mirrors in various shapes in vintage frames

5. Too many flower designs.

Modern bedroom decorating with floral wallpaper
Bedroom decorating with floral bedding, modern interior design trends

6. Neon color hues, cool and striking LED lighting design.

Neon room colors, modern interior decorating ideas
Creatively used rich and bright interior colors, modern interior design trends

7. Spectacular ceiling designs, especially with LED lights.

Creative ceiling design with LED lights
Creative ceiling design with floral wallpaper pattern

8. Stainless steel home appliances and kitchen furniture.

Modern kitchen design with stainless steel appliances and furniture
Contemporary kitchen design trends

9. Modern kitchen design in bright colors and glassy finishes.

Modern kitchen design, red cabinets and glossy surfaces
Black and white kitchen design with dining area

10. Floor and wall tile designs in standard sizes and simple shapes.

Modern wall tiles in monochromatic purple colors and traditional square shapes
Modern wall tiles for bathrooms in bright colors, with floral designs and in creative shapes

11. Using all home furnishings in a functional and traditional way. On the opposite, bringing humor, creativity and joy into decorating, experimenting with surprising techniques and surprising solutions are modern interior design trends 2016 that will stay.

Green ideas for interior decorating with bird cages, modern interior design trends
Creative home decorations recycling bird cages, modern interior decorating ideas

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 30.07.2015