15 Modern Interior Design Ideas Coloring Small Rooms in Style

small bedroom design with blue wallpaper


15 modern home interiors created by decorators from the New York Design Center give you tips how to bring color into interior design for small rooms. Stylish interior decorating ideas and trendy color combinations transform lacking any interest small rooms into attractive, comfortable and contemporary small spaces.

Monochromatic interior decorating color combinations are one of ways to add color to small rooms. You can use color to create a pleasant illusion of more spacious interior. White paint color for the ceiling and dark floor colors make small rooms look larger.

Modern interior design with a functional layout, home organization and simplicity make small rooms feel more spacious and comfortable. Cozy small bedrooms can feature a queen-size bed, wall lights, light curtains and large wall decoration that visually increase small rooms.

Colorful and modern interior design ideas for small spaces

Pink color tones for small spaces, charming small living room design with pink walls, ceiling and furniture

Mirrored wall design makes a small bathroom appear large. An attractive wall mirror in a gorgeous frame, placed on a larger wall mirror, is one of modern interior design ideas inspired by exquisite Art Deco style for creating more spacious, stunning and luxurious small rooms.

Adding bright color with wall paint and skillfully hiding storage make small rooms look larger. Customizing storage furniture and adding doors to storage shelves create clean and modern interior design that feels organized and airy.

Room dividers and rich wall paint colors for decorating small spaces, living room and bedroom design with blue accent wall

Modern interior design ideas include multifunctional room furniture and decor accessories for small rooms. Space saving window bench designs or dining furniture sets with a bench or banquette provide seating during meals and a convenient storage space. Small couches converts into a twin bed for a guest. Ottomans can be used as coffee tables. Large pillows make great toys for kids and sleeping bags, while adding more color to room decor.

Staging home interiors, entryways, small spaces

11 modern interior design ideas for stretching small spaces with lights

Paying attention to details while decorating small rooms, organizing and rearranging furniture and decor accessories, coordinating bedding with window curtain fabric, matching shelf brackets with the trim on furniture, coordinating a wallpaper pattern with a wall paint color for the accent wall design, allow to create beautiful, breezy and stylish small rooms.

Decorating small spaces with modern furniture with storage and colorful accents

Storage organization is an important part of interior design for small spaces. Stretching wall shelves to the ceiling can maximize storage space and add vertical lines to interior design, making small rooms feel larger.

Space saving interior design ideas, functional furniture for small spaces

Creative interior design ideas turning small rooms into spacious modern interiors

Creative, unusual and bold decorating color combinations and unexpected solutions are modern interior design ideas that transform small rooms into stylish spaces that make a statement. Adding drama with glossy paint and stylish rich color, blending trendy dark and white colors with large lighting fixtures, mirrors and mirrored furniture and wall tiles create beautiful small spaces, tiny bathrooms and cozy bedrooms, charming entryways and stylish living rooms, that look amazing, modern and spacious.

Small bathroom design with mirrored wall and yellow sink cabinet with storage

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 20.01.2013

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