15 Beautiful Backyard Ideas for Hydrangea Shrubs Blending PInk and Blue Colors

colorful backyard ideas and landscaping with hydrangea flowers

Pink flowers of hydrangea shrubs and wooden bench, spectacular backyard ideas


Hydrangea shrubs are beautiful backyard ideas. These flowering plants have lush leaves and gentle, sweet and bright flowers. Hydrangea shrubs can add a delicate touch to garden designs, backyard landscaping and flower arrangements for interior decorating or home staging. Lushome collection of beautiful backyard ideas presents gorgeous pictures that demonstrate how to use hydrangea shrubs for outdoor home decorating.

Hydrangeas are ornamental plants that bring an exotic feel of oriental garden into American and European homes. The striking beauty and elegance of hydrangea shrubs make these flowering plants an excellent choice for spectacular accents, wedding decorating and romantic flower arrangements. Hydrangea flower arrangements look bright and fascinating.

Hydrangeas are amazing flowering plants that can change their flowers color. Hydrangea flowers can change from pink to blue or blue to pink, depending on the amount of aluminum in the soil, adding a surprising effect to garden design and backyard landscaping.

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Backyard ideas for hydrangea shrubs

Pink flowers of hydrangea shrubs and wooden bench, spectacular backyard ideas

The soil has to have a higher pH for pink flowers. Phosphorus fertilizers prevent hydrangeas from absorbing the aluminum in the soil and help create pink flowers. Adding aluminum sulfate to the soil and keeping the pH levels towards the acidic soil creates blue flowers. Fertilizers that have higher amounts of potassium and lower phosphorous produce blue flowers.

Having hydrangeas in white, blue and pink colors in your garden are fabulous backyard ideas that brighten up outdoor home decorating. Hydrangea flowers in various colors are handy for complimenting outdoor home decor and designing colorful flower arrangements for outdoor rooms and interior decorating also.

Blue flowers of hydrangea shrubs for wooden fence decorating, beautiful backyard ideas

Hydrangea flowers in a variety of colors is great backyard ideas that create festive and spectacular background for special events and everyday outdoor home decorating. Hydrangea flowers make wonderful centerpieces for garden design, spice up with bright color backyard ideas and add exotic and luxurious look to flower arrangements.

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Some hydrangea shrubs produce edible flowers that can be used for preparing exotic tea recipes and these flowers are excellent table decorations. Hydrangea flowers are not only beautiful and colorful, but meaningful and symbolic. These flowering plants have many interesting stories to tell and can be used as romantic symbols that improve interior decorating, garden design and backyard ideas.

Flower arrangement with petunia and hydrangea for outdoor home decorating

Hydrangea shrubs with colorful flowers are great for fence decorating and creating depth in flower beds. Hydrangea shrubs make beautiful centerpieces on green lawns and look great with all other evergreen and flowering plants.

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Oriental garden design accents, pink and blue flowers of hydrangea shrubs
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