22 Unusual Containers with Flowers to Add Fun to Summer Backyard Designs

yard decorations, beautiful centerpieces for backyard designs

Unusual yard decorations, umbrella flower bed


Unusual containers are a great ideas for decorating with flowers. Creative containers recycle useless items, declutter homes and bring interest into summer backyard designs. Unusual containers can change boring yard landscaping and beautify summer garden design while showing your resourcefulness and decorating talents.

Lushome shares a few great ideas demonstrating how unusual containers for flowers can create gorgeous centerpieces for backyard designs, bringing interest and unique accents into yard landscaping. Creative containers for decorating with flowering plants can make your outdoor living spaces look different and spectacular.

Just an inexpensive plastic mailbox or broken terracotta planter can be used for creative and beautiful yard landscaping that changes backyard designs in no time. Your old bike, umbrella or a large log can be transformed into a stunning centerpiece for summer yard landscaping. An old chair, broken planters and large kids toys make wonderful containers for flowering plants that bring color and interest into backyard designs.

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Colorful painting ideas for recycling metal barrels and tin cans, beautiful backyard ideas

Creative containers with flowers and summer yard landscaping ideas

Unusual yard decorations, umbrella flower bed

A stump or a log, large driftwood pieces and handmade baskets, rusted buckets and old water cans with flowering plants make beautiful garden decorations that brighten up summer yard landscaping ideas and add fun to backyard designs.

Colorful spring flowers and summer flowering plants look charming and harmonious with natural materials, like salvaged wood, ceramic and metal. Unusual containers made of everyday items help recycling and create interesting and eco friendly backyard designs that surprise and delight.

Recycling for creative backyard designs, unusual containers for flowers

Adding some nice climbing plants with flowers allow to explore vertical yard landscaping ideas. Unusual containers for flowering plants are space saving and easy yard landscaping ideas that are suitable for any home. The entire yard landscaping project only takes you a couple of hours while creating a spectacular centerpiece for your garden design or backyard decorating.

Recycling old chairs for blooming garden decorations

Creative containers are practical and convenient yard landscaping ideas. They help recycling useless items, declutter homes and easy to decorate with flowers. You do not have to dig a hole for planting a shrub. All you have to do is just place your unusual container on the ground where you would like to have it and add flowering plants to this creative centerpiece.

Creative backyard designs, boat flower bed

Also you can add a few solar lights to your garden decoration or a couple of stepping stones around the creative flower bed. These accents add more appeal to spring or summer yard landscaping ideas. Outdoor lights and landscaping rocks improve attractive backyard designs in many ways and give summer yard landscaping a unique look.

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Unusual containers with flowers make great conversation pieces when people visit your home. Unusual containers and creative flower beds are great summer yard landscaping ideas that add whimsical and artistic look to backyard designs. Surprising and fresh container designs surely keep down the boredom of just a regular flower gardenĀ  or yard landscaping.

Creative centerpieces and summer yard landscaping ideas, unusual containers for flowers

Container gardening that helps recycling is so much fun. It keeps people thinking out-of-the-box and stimulate to come up with interesting and very original yard landscaping ideas for unique and beautiful backyard designs.

Green centerpiece idea for garden design, Green chair and flowering plants

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