Unique Eco Gifts and Home Decorations Recycling Clutter, Creative Recycled Crafts by Kate Kato


recycled crafts inspired by insects plants and flowers

Bee in a box, unique eco gifts, paper crafts

Handmade home decorations and unique eco gifts recycling old paper are an artistic way to beautify and revamp interior design and delight friends. Versatile, amazing and surprising, paper crafts by Kate Kato offer fabulous inspirations. These recycled crafts are a mesmeric art that everyone loves to see and wants to try to do. Lushome presents these unique masterpieces recycling paper for eco gifts and one-of-a-kind home decorations.

There are numerous things to give and so many creative ways to beautify living places. Nature inspired, amazing and delicate paper crafts are one of them. Insects, plants and flowers bring the miniature natural world into homes blending recycled crafts and clutter with creativity and artistic look.

Metal and cardboard boxes with realistic insects, plants and flowers are wonderful ideas for recycling paper and crafts. The recycled crafts look dramatic, making unique accents for creating interior decorating. These paper crafts can be used to garnish different areas of the home and are especially great for kids room decorating.

Recycling paper crafts ideas creating charming gift boxes

21 recycled crafts and butterflies decorations for personalizing and decoration gift boxes

20 paper interior design ideas and paper crafts reflecting latest trends in decorating

Recycling paper, crafts inspired by nature

Recycling paper for crafts and home decorations, paper flowers in book box

Recycling paper and different types of fabrics allow to create fascinating recycled crafts with naturalĀ  materials and give interior decorating that unique vintage style feel. Paper crafts are very trendy eco gifts and eco friendly home decorations. Paper craft ideas help add a delicate grace to home beauty and emphasize Green living style.

Apart from home decorations, the recycled crafts can be used for decorating work spaces also. Nature inspired, unusual and eco friendly, the recycled crafts can bring charming designs into Green interior decorating.

Paper flower designs by Kate Kato

Kate Kato is an artist, designer, crafter and a collector of unwanted things. The sculptured paper crafts are made by stitching and embroidery which add exclusive feel to handmade designs. For more paper craft ideas go to Kasasagi, www.kasasagidesign.com/.

Miniature insects sculptures recycling paper

Bee in a box, unique eco gifts, paper crafts

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  last updated: 18.10.2016


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