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7 Modern Interior Trends 2015 Reinventing Classic Luxury and Versatile Functionality

modern interior design ideas and color trends

Modern interior trends 2015 reinvent classy luxury, serenity, creative recycling and versatility in furniture design and interior decorating. Modern interior design trends 2015 include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, fresh decorating colors, exotic motifs, ethnic decoration patterns, artistic details and surprising blend of textures. Modern interiors, where contemporary design ideas are combined with a gilded…

Smart Modern Ideas Make Luxury Kitchen Design and Remodeling More Affordable

kitchen remodeling ideas and inspirations, beautiful kitchen interiors and dining rooms

Smart kitchen design ideas, selection of modern materials and good remodeling plan make luxury kitchens more affordable. A small budget for modern kitchen remodel is not a problem. You can have one of the luxury kitchen designs that you saw in house design and interior decorating magazines. Careful planning, smart selection of materials and spending money wisely allow to create…

Glass Walls and Big Windows for No Boundaries Inteiror Design and Beautiful House Exteriors

modern interiors with big windows

Traditional and stationary windows are a beautiful elements of modern houses. Glass wall design ideas and big windows brighten up rooms and add contemporary vibe to house exteriors. Home decorating with glass knows no boundaries. Lushome shares a collection of gorgeous architectural and interior design ideas demonstrating how large windows transform living spaces and house exterior walls. Modern interior design…

Latest Trends in Home Decorating and Interior Design from Milan

modern interiors, room furniture, lighting fixtures and wall decor ideas

Latest trends in home decorating bring beautiful home furnishings, floor and wall decor ideas, interesting prints, ethnic motifs, luxurious materials and fresh color combinations. Milan 2014 shows modern interiors, home lighting fixtures and furniture design, setting the mood and demonstrating the latest trends in home decorating for 2015. Lushome shares the most spectacular, vivid and innovative design trends and interior…

30 All in One Bedroom and Bathroom Design Ideas for Space Saving Bathroom Remodeling Projects

modern bedroom and bathroom designs, open layout interior design ideas for bathroom remodeling

Modern bedroom and bathroom design trends offer stunning, provocative and surprising ideas for all-in-one open living spaces. Bedrooms with freestanding bathtubs or and contemporary glass showers are one of the most popular bathroom remodeling projects that create more spacious and bright rooms. Putting together master bedroom and bathroom designs gives the freedom to create unique, functional and modern interiors that…

Fusion Chair Design Idea, Space Saving Multifunctional Outdoor Furniture Piece

modern chairs for outdoor living spaces and hikes

Modern outdoor furniture that is portable and multifunctional bring excellent items that make staying outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable. The Fusion Chair design idea that Lushome shares with its readers is a great example of beautiful, multifunctional and creative outdoor furniture for active lifestyle. The chair design features all items you will need for a pleasant hike and a picnic….

Foldable Cardboard Tents Offering Light Portable Shelters

recycling paper for making cardboard shelters

Cardboard tents are temporary shelters, designed for homeless people. The tents are a simple solution for them, offered by Californian nonprofit organization Cardborigami. The tent are portable and designed for warm weather. Lushome shares this design idea with its readers. The tent is a shelter that can be easily assembles and disassembles. Created for homeless people, the design idea of…

25 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas in Different Styles and Latest Trends in Decorating Kitchen Interiors

modern kitchens in different styles, kitchen colors, latest trends in decorating

Modern kitchen design offers amazing interiors to satisfy any taste and to match any interior design style. Modern kitchens vary in sizes and prices, but all give a unique look to kitchen interiors and personalize home designs. From spacious and luxurious kitchens for large homes to functional and small kitchens for apartments, modern kitchens are attractive, comfortable and unique. There…

20 Modern Interior Design Ideas Inspiring to Give Character to Your Rooms

Modern interior design with unique accents, room colors and home decorations

Modern interior design trends encourage to experiment and create truly personal, interesting and impressive rooms. Whether for decorating small apartments and homes or large houses, you want to add color and texture to your home interiors and turn rooms into spectacular and comfortable living spaces with original decoration patterns, unusual shapes and surprising design ideas. Consider modern color shades as…

4 Fresh Interpretations of Latest Trends in Home Decorating and Modern Interior Design Ideas

modern interior design trends in furniture, wall decor and lighting fixtures

Popular trends in home decorating and modern interior design ideas bring interesting forms, new combinations of textures and spectacular details that add artistic touch, intimate feel and chic to bright and comfortable living spaces. Creative modern ideas and fresh trends in home decorating and interior design encourage to experiment looking for personal interpretations of familiar concepts and new ways of…

Top 10 Modern Design Trends in Contemporary Beds and Bedroom Decorating Ideas

contemporary beds and modern bedroom decorating ideas in contemporary style

Luxurious contemporary beds that personalize bedroom decorating ideas are modern design trends that blend chic with functionality and comfort. Beds are the most important bedroom furniture pieces, and these items create attractive centerpieces, bringing individuality and aesthetic appeal into stylish and welcoming bedroom design. Beds that are not only functional, beautiful and elegant, but also create a positive atmosphere in…

Modular Design Ideas for Lighting and Small Home Appliances

modular system of elements for small appliances

Modular design ideas are one of trends that influence modern lighting and small appliances. Modular system of elements for creating lighting fixtures and small appliances is innovative, fresh and practical. The device allows to use various elements for creating several functional things, from a table lamp and fan to a shoe drier, projector and cup warmer. The table lamp and…

Granite Countertops Adding Practical Luxury to Modern Kitchen Designs

modern kitchen designs with islandsa and granite countertops

Granite kitchen countertops bring elegance and beauty created by nature into your home. These attractive, luxurious and durable stone countertop designs are wonderful, practical and optimal choices for modern kitchen. In additional to the kitchen, granite countertop designs are great to use in your bathroom or dressing room, adding chic details to your home interiors and creating very unique and…

Modern Interior Design Trend Influenced by Color Block Style in Fashion

interior decorating with bright room colors

Modern interior design trend, inspired by color blocking style in fashion mixes saturated hues, creating bold and bright living spaces. Three super-saturated room colors make interior design feel joyful, cheerful, graphic and sharp, celebrating bright color shades and adding personality to living spaces. Modern interior design in color blocking style is influenced by fashion and remains one of the hottest…

25 Modern Interior Design Ideas Creating Bright Accents with Neon Room Colors

modern interiors with bright accents in neon colors

Neon room colors are associated with night clubs and retro styles of 70s and 80s. Neon room colors look bright and energizing, bringing a fresh vibe into modern interior design trends. Neon room colors are ways to create beautiful, stylish and unique interior design with colorful and unusual accents, giving the room a completely new feel. Neon room colors are…

Modern Interior Design with Breathtaking Rainbow Color Combinations

bright room color combinations for modern home decorating

Bright color combinations are modern interior design trends that warm and spruce up living spaces, adding unique character and energetic look to rooms. Interior designers love to play with bright room colors, choosing two or three favorite hues and creating beautifully bright home interiors. Bright room colors can be used for any interior design style, from ethnic and country home…

Black and Brown Colors, Modern Interior Design Trends

room decorating with brown colors

Black and brown colors are modern color trends in home decorating. Brown colors create gorgeous interior design inspired by chocolate, cocoa, coffee with milk or cinnamon colors.  Warm and comfortable brown colors are versatile and look almost neutral, like black and white. Brown colors are great for walls and floors, furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. Black is elegant, classy…

Modern Room Colors, Interior Design and Decor in Red Colors

home decor in red colors, color trends, modern room colors

Red colors are latest trends in home decorating. Modern interior design and decor in red colors feel strong and powerful. The red color is one of the most energetic and exciting colors. Interior design and decor ideas that include red colors are the best ways to add life to your home and brighten up living spaces with dynamic and powerful…

Top 10 Modern Interior Design Trends 2014 and Stylish Room Colors

modern interiors and room colors for home decorating

Top modern interior design trends 2014 reflects innovative and beautiful home decorating ideas and stylish room colors that leading manufacturers of home furnishings demonstrated during design fairs in Germany, Australia and the United States in July and early August. Modern interior design and decor ideas showed the best examples of furniture, textiles and accessories that set trends in home decorating….

Multifunctional Interior Design Trends and Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas

multifunctional interior design and contemporary home decorating ideas

Multifunctional interior design in contemporary styles are one of the latest trends. It influences lighting fixture and furniture design ideas and bring changes into home decorating in contemporary styles. Smaller homes and apartments call for multifunctional, stylish and comfortable modern interiors. This means less space should provide functional rooms which looks attractive and inviting. Multifunctional interior design brings many innovative…

Interior Decorating in Asian Style, Modern Interior Design Trends

oriental interior decorating, modern interior design trends

Asian interior decorating ideas are stylish, classy and elegant. Modern interior design trends inspired by Asian interiors, offer a few beautiful ways to decorate your home, reflecting these influences in your living spaces. Decorative screens and woven straw mats, paper lamp shades and silk tapestry, floral wallpaper patterns and colorful birds images, dark wood furniture and calligraphy art are modern…

Middle Eastern Interior Design Trends and Home Decorating Ideas

middle eatern interiors and room colors, ethnic interior design ideas

The Middle East, Central Asian countries and India are associated with fine architecture and colorful home decorating ideas, inspired by beautiful flowers and spices. Cinnamon, sandalwood, cloves and cardamom, fantastic buildings, the blend of a few religions, – Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, when the spiritual side of life prevails over the material, colorful religious rituals and clothes influenced Middle Eastern,…

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