Secrets of Decorating Small Apartments and Homes, Blending Functionality and Super Modern Ideas

modern apartment ideas for small spaces

Space saving ideas for functional zones

Decorating small apartments and homes can be easy. Finding enough space for storage, creating functional layout and furniture placement, adding beautiful accents are three steps to attractive and modern interior design and decor in small rooms. Lushome shares expert tips for decorating small apartments and homes and provides photographs demonstrating modern ideas for small rooms. This small apartment in Scandinavian style is a nice example of how to give minimalist style elegance and comfortable feel to small spaces.

Decorating small apartments and homes is about functionality, simplicity and beauty. Decluttering and decorating in minimalist style, bringing more light into small spaces, light interior colors and wall mirrors that create pleasant visual illusions stretching small spaces are great, practical, beautiful and modern ideas for small rooms.

Light interior colors are perfect for decorating small apartment and homes. Light walls and floor decoration expand small spaces visually. Light curtains or no curtains on the windows allow to fill small rooms with natural light, and brighter lighting design help create more spacious home interiors.
Glossy surfaces and wall mirrors are great for small rooms also. Glossy and mirrored surfaces reflect light and change visual perception of small spaces. Large mirrors is amazing decor accessories bringing more light into spacious decorating of small apartments and homes.

3 small apartment ideas creating multifunctional and modern home interiors

Black and white decorating ideas turning an old apartment into modern home in Scandinavian style

Decorating small apartments and homes

Small apartment design and decorating

Large mirrors are one of the latest trends that improves the functionality and entire look of small spaces and large rooms. Light interior colors and large mirrors create brighter and visually large living spaces, offering fantastic ways to increase space in small rooms.

Creating functional and comfortable zones in small rooms is ideal interior design solution which add style, organization and beautiful look to decorating small apartments and homes. Bedroom designs with glass walls and curtains used as room dividers are the latest trends in decorating small spaces.

Space saving ideas for functional zones

A raised floor with storage spaces is a great idea for small rooms. Compact room furniture, transformer furniture design ideas and minimalist style interior design make small spaces feel functional and attractive. Creative room dividers, partition wall design with storage spaces improve small interior design and create elegant and modern living spaces.

Creative space saving ideas for decorating small apartments

Small apartment ideas for inspiring modern interior design

Expensive interior design materials and light interior colors turn small kitchen spaces into bright and charming. Marble countertops and backsplash designs or glass mosaic tiles add elegant beauty and rich look to small kitchen design.

Large mirror and minimalist style decor

Luxurious materials, minimalist style bathroom decor, large wall mirrors, bright lighting ideas and beautiful bathroom fixtures enhance small bathroom design. Marble floor or wall tiles and white paint colors expand small spaces visually and add chic feel to small bathroom design.

Simple interior design and decorating with light room colors

small kitchen design

Lighting interior colors for small kitchen design

White decorating ideas for small spaces

Raised floor for storage in small spaces

Space saving loft bed design

Loft bed with storage and glass enclosure

Small bathroom design

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  last updated: 31.10.2016