Recycling Ideas Bringing Sport Themes into Modern Interior Design and Decorating

how to reuse and recycle bike wheels, rackets, used car tires and paddles for modern interior decorating

Modern bathroom design, sinks recycling old car tires

Recycling ideas transform modern interior design and decorating. Creative recycled crafts and DIY design ideas that reuse and recycle useless and old things add unique accents to modern homes and inspire all who appreciate originality and simplicity of handmade home furnishings.

Recycling ideas can turn old sport equipment, like bike wheels, rackets and skateboards into amazing things, room furniture and decor accessories that emphasize creative interior design and Green living style. Bed headboard ideas, curtain rods, wall racks, shelves, seats, wall clocks and even stairs can be created with sport equipment.

Do not rush to get rid of clutter. Creative recycling ideas can help to declutter your home in a novel and surprising way. Clutter can be turned into treasure, and handmade home decorations can add character to modern interior design while making an artistic statement.

Creative handmade garden decorations, 20 recycling ideas for backyard designs

25 recycling ideas turning clutter into creative wall decorations

Recycling ideas for sport equipment and car tires

Bike bathroom vanity with sink

Lushome collection of recycling ideas for old sport equipment and used car tires demonstrate the amazing possibilities to create, reuse and recycle in style. Original designs transform modern interior design, giving unique look to modern rooms by adding handmade home furnishings.

Recycling ideas for sport fans help people bring great sport themes into modern interior design and decorating. Old sport equipment pieces, turned into modern furniture and decor accessories look fabulous with traditional home furnishings, beautifully accentuating unique rooms.

Bike wheel wall clocks, bringing sport themes into modern interior design and decorating

Wall decorating with old bikes

Recycling bike for wall decoration

Recycling bike for wall rack and creative storage ideas

Recycling bikes for wooden top table design

Ottomans made with used car tires

Modern bathroom design, sinks recycling old car tires

Old car tire seats with bright yellow cushions

Curtain rod recycling canoe paddle

Recycling paddles for modern interior decorating in vintage style

Bed headboard design with wooden paddles in vintage style

Wall decorating with wooden rackets in vintage style

Creative wall mirrors recycling rackets

Table lamps recycling skateboards

Modern chairs and footrests recycling skateboards

Wooden stairs made with skateboards

Wall shelves recycling old skateboards


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 23.10.2016


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