Contemporary Kitchen Design and Living Area in Loft Style

contemporary kitchen design with industrial style accents

Loft style kitchen design and decor

Lushome presents contemporary kitchen design ad living area in loft style, creating the open, functional and flexible interior. Loft living style is comfortable and easy, perfect for large families and busy people without kids. Exposed brick wall design, combined with concrete, glass and metal elements add that contemporary vibe which is typical for loft interiors.

Exposed metal frame elements and antique bricks emphasize unique character of modern interior design in loft style. Neutral colors and natural wood materials create attractive and welcoming contemporary kitchen design celebrating airy, practical and modern loft style.

Milky white decorating ideas soften contrasts in neutral colors and textures, helping to harmonize modern interior design. Large storage spaces make the contemporary kitchen design very comfortable and practical. Additional storage spaces in a living area allow to keep the loft living spaces neat and organized.

Loft interior design and decorating with bold orange color accents

Modern loft living spaces blending organic design and industrial style accents

Loft style kitchen design

Loft style kitchen design and decor

Various furniture pieces create a relaxing effect of creative combinations of unmatched home furnishings. Plywood, glass, metal and bricks work together to add an industrial vobe to loft living spaces.

Modern lighting fixtures help highlight the functional zones and create cozy atmosphere around a bar table or in living area with the TV. The lighting design can be adjusted and changed, offering flexibility to modern loft living spaces.

Contemporary kitchen design with retro stove and wooden furniture

Airy, open and bright loft living spaces are flooded with natural light and artificial light at night. Brick red color shades, gray color tones of concrete and black accents of metal elements add contrasts to milky white decorating ideas, bringing energy into bright and stylish loft living spaces.

Colorful loft living ideas from New York

Beautiful loft living ideas, modern interior design blending new and recycled materials

Living room furniture and kitchen furniture are made of natural materials. The retro stove gives a nice accent to modern interior design and enhance the loft living spaces with the designs in retro styles. Numbers are used as creative decorations which remind of industrial style interiors and add personality of the contemporary kitchen design.

Kitchen design in neutral colors

Loft living spaces with modern furniture and decor

Creative number decorations

The kitchen design by G.Arabsky.


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 21.10.2016


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