55 Modern Kids Rooms, Interior Trends and Furniture for Kids

child bedroom design
Room decorating with red accents


A kid’s room is where you can create a small, colorful, magical world for your child. Children grow, dream, play, develop habits, and learn about their personal spaces, so interior design influences their future. You can easily create a comfortable kid’s bedroom with a few functional zones if you have one child. If you have two kids, then space-saving interior design ideas help transform the space into beautiful retreats for your children. Here is the Lushome collection of kids’ room design ideas showing the latest interior trends, current room colors, and modern furniture for kids.

The interior design depends on the number of children in the family and the size of their room. Suppose you want to accommodate two or more children in one bedroom. In that case, the interior design requires a lot of creativity, space-saving ideas, original solutions to make the room functional, comfortable, playful, and appealing to kids.

Beautiful teenage bedroom design ideas

Modern kids rooms accomodating three children

Attic renovation ideas create fabulous kids rooms

Modern furniture for kids’ rooms

Playful and colorful murals, interior trends for modern kids’ rooms

Today designers offer many fabulous room decorating ideas and beautiful furniture for kids to grow, play, and develop in functional, bright, and comfortable spaces. Nursery room decor ideas bring ergonomic designs with a touch of warm and peaceful decoration, while kids’ room decorating gets very personal, bright, and more playful as a child grows.

Kids beds and modern room design ideas

Wood decor in contemporary children’s bedrooms

Functional kids’ room design, understanding child’s nature

Comfortable furniture, kids’ storage, playful beds, adjustable desks, and chairs, combined with bright accents, create beautiful and modern children’s bedroom designs. Harmony and balance in room colors, functionality, and space for games make kids’ rooms exciting and appealing to children.

Green and yellow color scheme, bright room colors for kids’ spaces

Interior trends in decorating kids’ rooms

1. Modern kids’ room design divides the space into functional zones: a sleeping area, a play area, a study area.

2. Child’s bedroom has extra seats for guests.

Toddler bedroom decorating with a house-like bed and a wigwam

3. A wigwam placed in a playing area is an excellent, stylish detail that adds a trendy feel to a kid’s room design.

4. Small gym equipment, like climbing frames or gymnastic rings, allows kids to stay active and healthy.

Sports equipment and fun items in modern kids’ rooms

5. Swings, hammocks, and net designs add fun to modern kids’ rooms.

6. Vibrant accents and bright room colors create a cheerful atmosphere and brighten up kids’ playroom ideas.

Beautiful kids room design for a little automotive fan

7. Personalized decorations and original furniture for kids

9. Creative contemporary lighting design

10. Beautiful textiles made with eco-friendly or natural fibers and wood furniture

Creative wall design with contemporary lighting
Vibrant room colors, colorful wall design, modern furniture for kids
Room decorating with red accents

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