22 Home Staging Tips and Recycling Ideas to Clean, Decorate and Organize Your Home

small storage ideas for jewelry

Lushome brings a collection of cheap ideas for recycling, organizing, and home decorating with what you have in your house. Simple home staging tips and inspirations help recycle items, make your home Greener, more comfortable, organized and attractive while saving money. Creative home staging for everyday comfort can be surprising and fun. Original designs and smart ideas can improve your life, declutter your living spaces and beautifully organize your home.

Here are old and new tricks for recycling and home improvement which are smart and useful. Turning clutter into treasure, giving useless, old items new life, using articles in a fresh way, creating unique accents and decorations that declutter and organize your home is very rewarding and satisfying activity. The cheap ideas and practical home staging tips help clear your home, improve your lifestyle and add fun to your life.

Creative design and decorating ideas can transform your rooms and outdoor living spaces, pleasantly surprise your family members and friends, and add character to your home. Tricks for cleaning your furniture and floor rugs bring freshness into your home. These cheap ideas are unbelievably simple, practical, and useful. It turns out that you can add a small detail to your closet or room and dramatically improve your lifestyle.

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Home staging tips and tricks

home storage and organization idea

Recycling paper boxes, small storage ideas

You can turn hangers into organizers, use old socks for packing crystal vases, recycle old book pages for framed wall decorations, add recycled yarn crafts to metal cans and create beautiful containers. Old nail polish keep buttons on places, erasers are helpful for cleaning handles, door knobs, plastic furniture, and walls. Yarn and lace leftovers are perfect for personalizing bathroom towels and shower curtains. Empty pills containers are ideal for organizing coins and pins.

No time or effort required to create more comfortable, clean and attractive living spaces. Almost anything you want to throw out is suitable for recycling. Intelligent home staging brings originality and Green charm of eco-friendly solutions sharing simple, inexpensive tricks for house cleaning, organizing, and decorating.

recycling socks for protecting vases

Old clothes work as excellent wrapping materials

Recycling and smart organization save money, time and effort while improving your lifestyle and creating more comfortable, clutter-free, bright homes. Home staging tips and cheap ideas for decorating reveal tricks for making homes organized and turning cleaning a house into a fun activity. Use them.

wall decorating with old frames

Recycling old frames, book pages, posters for modern wall decoration

recycling metal cans for vases and planters

Recycling cans for containers and decorating them with quilling designs and yarn

recycling nail polish

Recycling old nail polish for strengthening buttons threads

using erasers for cleaning

Recycling old erasers for cleaning smooth surfaces at home

cleaning carpets

Recycling old brushes for cleaning rugs

small bathroom design and decorating with white towels and shower curtain

Recycling fabrics and yarn for personalizing home accessories, bath towels, shower curtains

rubber gloves to clean furniture

Using rubber gloves for cleaning room furniture

using buttons for earring storage

Making button organizers for stud earrings

cleaning suede items

Cleaning suede items using nail files

small storage ideas for jewelry

Creating unique jewelry organizers

recycling rubber bands recycling fabrics for clothes storage recycling jeans for home organizers recycling for small storage recycling for small storage recycling for interior decorating recycling for interior decorating recycling for small storage recycling for interior decorating recycling for interior decorating

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  last updated: 18.10.2016