20 Unusual Wall Decoration Ideas Creating Extraordinary Displays and Murals

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wall mural on concrete

There are myriad ways to add unique character to wall design and creating spectacular house exterior or interior walls. Art mixed with recycled crafts use the vertical surfaces as canvas material to add striking images and designs that dramatically transform the empty walls. Prints, wallpaper, painting ideas and textured tiles are perfect for interior walls. Recycled crafts and mural art can turn exterior walls into gorgeous artworks that delight and amaze.

Unusual designs and artworks show how far imagination can come. The artworks inspire and encourage talented people to add striking accents to all walls that surround them. While adding a wow factor to plain walls, they develop gorgeous, unusual and fresh wall art ideas that can set a new trend in decorating in the future.

Unconventional ways to fill up your vertical blank spaces do not just personalize buildings, offices, and home interiors but bring novel ideas for decorating that stretch the horizons and challenge old traditions. Unusual murals add visual interest to dull walls. A creative blend of materials gives freedom to experiment. Check out the creative wall design ideas below and get inspired for creative transformations.

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Original wall decorating ideas

mural and bike on wall
Mural and painted bike

Unusual materials can create unexpectedly beautiful displays. Colorful cups, vintage keys, wooden boxes, small plants, exotic decorations grouped on a wall look interesting and original. The simplest applications produce a fascinating decor blending graphics, painting and ornaments into a modern wall decoration.

Originality, simplicity, and novelty work well creating vibrant walls, giving new life to old things and adding a wow-factor to interior decorating and building exteriors. Original contrasts of textures, colors, lines and shapes generate movement and add energy to artworks which transform empty walls into extraordinary displays made by using everyday items and ordinary materials in a creative way. Here are some examples of wall decoration and artworks adding a surprising factor to vertical surfaces.

1. Murals creating optical illusions

mural floating water
Mural creating optical illusions

2. Simplicity of star constellations

star constellations
Original wall decoration with star constellations

3. Wood wall design

salvaged wood wall design
Salvaged wood wall design

4. 3d wall design

3d wall design
3d wall decor idea

5. Recycling for wall decoration

cups for wall decoration

6. Metal strings with photographs

metal strings with photographs
Metal strings display

7. Green design with plants

wooden boxes with houseplants for wall decorating

8. Industrial style

original wall design

9. Letters and words

words for wall decoration
3d wall designs with words

10. Perforations and lights

pixels and lighting
Pixels wall decoration with perforated panels and lighting

fans and framed prints for wall decoration 3d wall decoration  colorful display small photographs for wall decoration and glass staircase railing mural creating optical illusion exterior murals mural on concrete math signs murals painting creating optical illusion colorful painting on exterior wall recycled art for wall decoration

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  last updated: 28.09.2017