Wine Storage Spaces, 35 Modern Ideas for Cellars and Wine Room Designs

modern wine room design
Contemporary wine room design



Proper wine storage is essential for keeping drinks tasty and healthy. That is why most wine enthusiasts own wine cellars or add a wine room to their houses. Wine cellars and wine rooms with drink coolers are perfect drink-tasting and storage spaces where the owners can manage both temperature and humidity levels and enjoy a comfortable seating area. These storage ideas are ideal for accommodating wines.

Check out the beautiful designs from the Lushome collection of wine cellars and wine rooms and get inspired to create a proper storage space for your wine collection. A well-stored wine flourishes a quality taste, complex flavor, and captivating aroma. Wine storage spaces add chic and style to modern houses, providing ultimate comfort for tasting and enjoying the drinks.

Root cellar design ideas, cool food storage ideas

Wine storage ideas, modern accents to interior design

Stylish ideas for wine storage in your kitchen or dining room

Wine storage ideas

Brick wine cellar design with dining furniture

Wine cellars

Creative wine glass

A wine cellar, usually located in the basement, is a storage space with a fully climate-controlled environment for a wine collection. Traditional wine cellars are storage spaces constructed from stone or brick with dirt or stone floors. Underground wine cellars provide the humid setting wines need to age properly or remain stored for more than five years.

Unique root cellars, backyard designs

Creative storage solutions for wine bottles

House design trends for creating a comfortable luxury lifestyle

A cellar is often a storage space smaller than a basement, although some wine fans enjoy extensive wine cellars. Without the benefit of direct sunlight and with cooler temperatures, wine cellars can serve as general storage spaces.

Traditional wine cellar design with a seating area

Wine rooms

The distinction between wine rooms and wine cellars is their location and design. Cellars are underground storage spaces, while rooms are upstairs in living quarters. Wine cellars are dark, cooled, and humid storage spaces, while wine rooms, home bars, and gin rooms featuring bottle coolers and comfortable furniture differ in interior design.

Wine room design with glass walls
Contemporary wine room design with glass walls
Wall storage ideas, wine racks
Brick wine cellar with wooden furniture
Wall storage solutions, wine room
Contemporary wine room design

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