Unique Furniture Design Ideas Blending Different Objects into Extravagant Artworks

wooden table with shelf and baskets

Unique furniture design incorporating baskets into wooden table top and shelf


Amazing furniture design ideas that blend playful items and natural materials into creative items look extravagant and impressive. Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba get inspirations from nature, and interprets itd beauty and dynamics into unusual furniture using natural materials and enhancing functionality.

The designer mix various functional items into a new furniture piece which is multifunctional, offering fun decor items that look like artworks. He never gives up irony. If a new furniture design idea is playful and interesting, the designer can not resist to realize it, transforming ordinary decor items into amazing.

As a child, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, marama.it/ likes to play with different objects, using them for various functions. His extravagant furniture design ideas is the reflection of playfulness and ability to combine objects into multifunctional items. The new collection of unique furniture demonstrates not only amazing craftsmanship and wood working skills, but also a peculiar sense of humor.

Unique furniture design ideas blending objects to enhance their functionality

Unique furniture design incorporating baskets into wooden table top and shelf
Colorful baskets integrated into wooden table top

The top and shelf surfaces of the Basket table feature wicker baskets in various diameters to store all sorts of things. TheĀ  Dream Drawer is an incredible dresser showcasing decorative furniture design and original elements taken from other furniture pieces.

Greta Lamp is blended with a wooden table. A bronze rod pierces through the table top and allows the lamp to float in the air. Buffet Table is a unique furniture item with integrated beach stones into a wooden table top. The beach stones look very organic combined with the wooden table top.

Unique furniture and lighting fixture
Table lamp in wooden table

The Dish Table with integrated ceramic plates can be used for serving meals or room decorating. The dishes can work as shallow containers for flower arrangements and candles, or vases for various fruits.

Multifunctional furniture design reinventing home furnishings for small spaces

Pendant lights with glass plant terrariums, modern home decor ideas

Contemporary floor lamp blending lighting design and glass plant terrarium

Multifunctional modern furniture design ideas, 8objects set of contemporary chairs and lamps

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