Tree Shaped Bookcases Adding Interest to Kids Room Decorating

creative book shelves and bookcases shaped like trees
Tree bookcases with wooden letters for creative and modern kids room decorating



Tree-shaped bookcases look creative and charming, adding these familiar images and lots of interest to modern kids room decorating. Tree-shaped bookcases bring versatile designs into girls and boys bedrooms and enhance playful kids playroom ideas with a whimsical touch.

Tree-shaped bookcases, designed by Christophe Boulin for the quirky Mathy by Bols in Belgium, can be used for office decorating or adding a unique accent to your hallway. This bookcase is anything but ordinary storage furniture item, creating a striking focal point for modern interior decorating.

The shelving unit features book shelves that stretch like tree branches and can hold everything from books to toys, wooden letters, blankets, pillows and picture frames. These bookcases come in 21 colors to choose from, allowing to select the shelving unit that works for your interior decorating color scheme.

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Modern kids bookcases reminiscent of trees

Tree bookcases with wooden letters for creative and modern kids room decorating

Elegant, very realistic and versatile, the bookcases are ideal for kids room decorating and creative home office designs, offering a gorgeous way to enhance interiors with bright and innovative storage furniture.

Familiar shapes add pleasant images and unusual details to modern interior decorating and create truly personal and wonderful working or living spaces for kids and adults.

Tree-shaped book shelving unit in red color

The bright and colorful storage furniture items are made with organic dyes and safe finishes, turning these bookcases into fully eco friendly products for kids room decorating.

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The bookcases are fun storage furniture items that encourage kids imaginations and allow to create natural scenes in their rooms. Trees are gorgeous, and these modern furniture design idea reflects their charm and beauty, adding an artistic vibe and color to kids room decorating.

Realistic and attractive storage furniture design idea, Tree Bookcase

  by Ena Russ   

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