Stunning Table Centerpiece Ideas, Floating in the Air Bonsai Trees

green accessories for interior decorating in eco style and zen home decor

Floating in the air bonsai tree, green accessories for interior decorating

Floating in the air bonsai trees make fantastic home decorations. These unique, surprising and contemporary table centerpiece ideas are ideal for modern Zen homes. Bonsai trees make elegant home accents which offer cheap ideas for creating eco-friendly, beautiful, Green homes with miniature houseplants. Perfect for creating a Zen atmosphere or decorating any room, the floating in the air plants look terrific.

Lushome presents the unique contemporary design idea, the Air Bonsai Trees by Japanese studio Hoshinchu, You can grow these beautiful trees at home or in your office. They connect you with nature and bring the new technology into interior decorating. A fighting gravity container system makes a tiny bonsai tree create a surprising effect. The magically floating in the air plants make perfect gifts and decorative accessories for modern office desks, kitchen countertops, and coffee tables.

The container is round and features an energy base with hidden magnets that suspend and rotate the tree. A soft moss ball adds a natural feel to the technologically advanced, Green design. The handcrafted porcelain container and floating in the air bonsai tree bring excitement into interior decorating blending contemporary technology, ancient traditions, and Zen style into the beautiful home decorations.

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Floating bonsai trees, table decorations

Floating in the air bonsai tree, green accessories for interior decorating

The parts come in various colors and design styles and allow creating modern and traditional table centerpieces with elegant and symbolic bonsai trees. The Air Bonsai Tree is a versatile system, perfect for any interior decorating but it will look the best in Asian interiors and contemporary rooms in eco style.

Ideal for Zen homes, charming and unique the floating plants are a fantastic way to harmonize modern interior decorating, beautify rooms and create a contemporary element to personalize office designs and living spaces. Check out their Kickstarter page to find more information about the little star.

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Growing bonsai tree, Green table centerpiece ideas

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  last updated: 24.10.2016