Quick Home Staging Tips, 10 Steps to Modern Bathroom Design and Decor

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Modern bathroom design and decor can be created with simple 10 steps and quick home staging tips. You can update your bathroom without a major renovation and spending lots of money on new bathroom decor. Lushome shares home staging tips and bathroom design inspirations for beautiful interior redesign, remodeling and decorating that will transform your functional rooms and help create comfortable, pleasant and modern bathroom interiors.

Here is alternative ways and practical bathroom design solutions that can help change your bathroom interiors quickly. Selecting new decorating materials, light bathroom colors, energy efficient and bright bathroom lighting fixtures, stylish bathroom accessories and space saving furniture add to attractive and spacious small bathroom design and decor.

1. Choose wall tiles over wall panels. Some manufacturers offer large wall tiles that are originally designed for installation over the old bathroom tiles. Painted walls can be partially covered by modern bathroom tiles, creating beautiful accents wall design that enhance bathroom decor.

Small bathroom design and decor ideas, wall mirror frame and wooden shelving unit in vintage style

2. New floor tiles or teak floor covering are great ideas to cover unappealing old floors, and add more comfort and style to modern bathroom design.

3. Floor tiles over the old floor creates warmer floor and decorate your bathroom design with modern tiles colors and patterns. Without replacing an old floor covering your bathroom redesign will cost less and be quick.

Large wall mirror and white color for small bathroom design and decor

4. Home staging ideas for bathroom redesign include replacing old faucets. Modern bathroom faucets give an attractive touch to bathroom design and decor and create fresh and stylish rooms that sparkle with light and new colors.

25 small bathroom remodeling ideas creating modern bathrooms and increasing home values

30 small bathroom remodeling ideas and home staging tips

5. Changing your bathroom sink and furniture for space saving bathroom furniture and smaller sink basin allows to create airy, visually large and free of clutter modern bathroom design that ia universally appealing and inviting.

Painted pipes creating colorful accents for modern bathroom design and decor

Buying a new sink vanity and replacing your old mounted on the wall bathroom sink take a couple of hours, but the result will be stunning. Old plastic and metal shelves change with wooden and glass shelving units which are narrow, simple and elegant. This will not only help you get rid of clutter in your room, but add beautiful details to your bathroom walls.

Trendy small bathroom remodeling ideas and 25 redesign inspirations

Modern bathroom colors for stylishly bright bathroom design

6. Refresh and update your bathtub surfaces. Replacing an old bathtub with a new one is usually difficult and inexpensive. Find simple and quick ways to clean and repair old tub surfaces, and create a fresh look in your bathroom by updating your old bathtub.

Light purple and white colors for bathroom design

7. Painting a bathtub and exposed plumbing pipes is a quick and inexpensive way to add a modern centerpiece and bright accents to old bathroom design and decor. It allows you to increase the effects of different textures, shapes and create colorful details that enrich bathroom design in light neutral colors. Colorful paints, stencils and various textures are just a few ways to update your bathtub surfaces and redesign your old bathroom with color.

4 small bathroom decorating ideas and color schemes for quick room makeovers

Modern bathroom remodeling ideas, DIY tiled wall design with stripes

8. Change bathroom lighting fixtures for brighter and energy efficient. Use new lamp shades for home staging and quick bathroom makeover. Wall tiles and glass lamp shades work wonders, creating bright, airy and modern bathroom design and decor, especially in small bathrooms.

COntemporary bathroom design and decor in white and brown colors

9. A large wall mirror is great for small bathroom design and decorating. Elongated large mirrors on doors can be dressed in Baroque style or contemporary style frames, bringing additional attractive details into modern bathroom design and enhancing bathroom decorating styles and color schemes. Large mirrors dramatically transform bathroom design, changing the room, its character and proportions. Large mirrors can work wonders, especially in small bathrooms.

Small bathroom design and decorating ideas for room makeover

10. Get rid of change window curtains for light in material and color. Light neutral colors and light curtain fabrics look fabulous in with all textures, bathroom fixtures and design styles. Add a cute little things, stylish bathroom accessories and small decorations. Instead of boring plastic containers use wicker baskets made ​​of natural vines, fabric totes and wooden boxes for your bathroom decorating and home staging. These natural materials give large and small bathrooms a trendy eco-friendly nature, and make modern bathroom design and decor feel elegant and inviting.

Large wall mirror, light bathroom colors and glass, small bathroom remodeling ideas

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