Polka Dot Patterns Adding Rhythm and Color to Modern Interior Design

ideas for interior design and decorating with polka dots
Hearts and polka dots in white and red colors


Polka dots create beautiful decoration patterns which consist of filled circles in various sizes and colors. These stylish and playful decoration patterns are perfectly even bringing rhythm into modern interior design and brightening up room decorating with contrasting colors. Polka dots are regular in shapes. Equal spacing emphasizes the elegance of these decoration patterns. Black and white or colorful dots are popular and versatile, suitable for all room decorating. Lushome shares a collection of ideas demonstrating fantastic ways of using polka dots in modern interior design.

Created for covering moth holes in wool dresses, the traditional and contemporary polka dots design stylish fabric prints and create modern wallpapers. Black and white or colorful polka dots look fabulous on tableware and decor accessories. Polka dots can transform empty walls and decorate room furniture or lamp shades, bringing fun into modern interior design and decorating. Contemporary fabric prints can include randomly spaced, sized and colored dots.

Contemporary fabric prints and wall decoration patterns can include randomly spaced, various in sizes and color dots. The innovative and fresh polka dots are exciting and surprising. Dots are an excellent choice for energetic, youthful, and modern room decorating. Black and white polka dots or small dots in pastels and neutral colors look formal while colorful decoration patterns feel playful and dynamic. Polka walls, polka curtains, polka furniture, lamp shades, and polka tableware remind of fun polka dance and remain popular over the years.

Modern bedding sets, floral and polka dot designs in black and white

Easter eggs decoration with polka dots

Modern interior design trends reinventing polka dot patterns

Polka dot decorating ideas

Hearts and polka dots in white and red colors

Traditional polka dots with equal spacing and shapes come from the nineteenth-century fashion in the United Kingdom. Today interior designers and decorators love the fun decoration patterns for their geometric and bright look. The modern interior design takes the jolly and sportive decoration patterns and uses them for creating unique, welcoming, bright, and modern living spaces.

There is no real alternative for polka dots. These patterns are elegantly simple and spectacular. They look great for all seasons, genders, room sizes, and interior design styles. Colorful polka dots are feminine and seductive. Black and white dots in small or super large sizes are suitable for masculine room decorating. The contemporary designs of these decoration patterns can be bold, fun and whimsical, but can also be very elegant, especially in monochromatic colors, pale pastels, and neutral color tones.

Colorful polka dots, modern decor accessories, piggy bank

Soft and light dots in pinks and creams can style feminine rooms. Bold color combinations and sharp contrasts add excitement and positive energy to polka dot living spaces. Vivid polka dots can be a great way of bringing the bright color trend into modern interior design.

Fabric print with black on white polka dots

Polka dots combine with classy stripes, hearts, stars, diamonds, all geometric shapes, and small flowers. These decoration patterns are perfect for accentuating traditional and contemporary interiors. White and blue, red, green and purple dots on white and gray are fabulous for country home decorating. Black and white designs are fantastic for living spaces created in a classic style.

Large cup planter, white on purple polka dots

Dotty home furnishings can work well with your walls and lighting fixtures. There are many creative ways to add dots to modern interior design. Check out the ideas below. Polka dots can be a spectacular style addition to any room decorating. Dots are fun. The colorful patterns have a playful edge, energetic feel, and universal appeal. They are bright and beautiful. They are always stylish.

Modern wallpaper patterns for dining room decorating, polka dots
Golden yellow on white polka dot wallpaper
Coffee table made with circular elements, polka dots, and stripes for modern interior design
Polka dot tableware in white-red, white-black, white-purple colors
Red polka dots, kitchen decorating ideas
Fabric prints, polka dots and stripes, living room decorating ideas

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