Painting Inspired Contemporary Interior Design and Themed Decorations

contemporary design and architectural interiors inspired by art painting

Contemporary interior design with themed decorations inspired by painting


Painting inspired, these contemporary interior design ideas are created for Collection XII restaurants by Polish designer Karina Wiciak. Modern rich colors, combined with black and white decorating ideas, themed decorations and unique accents create fantastic contrasts and give unique character to spacious, unusual and stylish spaces.

Giant paint brushes and colorful splashes of paint on white ceilings, floors and furniture look impressive. White buckets with paints work as bar stools, hanging lamps, armchairs, toilets and sinks, giving a whimsical and artistic touch to contemporary interior design from WamHousE, .

The company takes a fresh look at architecture, adding innovative details to modern architectural interiors and furniture. Inspired by art painting process, the contemporary interior design ideas look interesting, surprising, spontaneous and original, reflecting the drama of creating artworks.

Innovative furniture design ideas blending rustic chic with unusual eco friendly materials

Spectacular interior design ideas from Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel

Contemporary architectural interiors with themed decorations

Contemporary interior design with themed decorations inspired by painting

In addition to white buckets and huge paint brushes, the designer used palettes, shaping countertops, furniture surfaces and lighting fixtures into familiar objects and turning functional elements of interior design into wonderful themed decorations.

Every restaurant will have a unique decorating theme and style. Unique furniture and lighting fixtures, amazing architecture and contrasting color combinations create dramatic interior design with themed decorations that make a statement.

White bucket shaped chairs, unique furniture and creative themed decorations
Bucket shaped furniture and splashes of red paint on white floor, ceiling and chairs
Bucket shaped tables, chairs and hanging lamps
Contemporary furniture and lighting fixtures in white color
Bathroom design with themed decorations, bucket shaped sink and toilet

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