Multi Functional Wooden Seat Invites to Enjoy Sitting and Changing Positions

modern furniture design

Unique furniture design idea inspired by irregularly growing pine trees


Multi-functional seat designed by design from Korea Ryan Jongwoo Choi promises to provide three different positions for comfortable and enjoyable sitting. Sitting for a long time can make you feel tired and even get you sick. The innovative multi-functional seat Enjoy Sitting is a contemporary furniture design that is developed to enable people to feel cozy and relaxing when sitting on it.

This furniture design concept is to give a freedom of movement for standing and sitting people, and provide an attractive seat that allows its user to sit and stand in different positions: high or low, gather or spread legs and lean comfortably.

This contemporary seat looks like creative ottoman that is designed to keep the pleasure of sitting for longer times, increasing the productivity and efficiency and improving health.  The designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi, studied human behaviors when people use chairs, and create the seat that can satisfy the typical needs of people.

Ergonomic contemporary furniture design, wooden seat

Unique furniture design idea inspired by irregularly growing pine trees

The inspiration for this contemporary furniture design came from pine trees with bended trunks. The seat represents the freedom of natural forms and adjusting abilities of growing plants.  Growth rings gave a motif for contemporary furniture design in eco style. The designed installed a prop to support and fix the product.

The seat provides positions that satisfy basic instincts of human beings. Functional and inviting the contemporary furniture pieces look interesting and playful, inviting to experiment with its functions.

Contemporary seat offering few sitting positions

Enjoy Sitting is a creative and unique furniture item that incorporates the irregular shape of growing pine trees into a modern chair.

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  last updated: 26.02.2013


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