Modernist Architectural Designs, Modern House Growing from the Boulder

contemporary home built on boulder

Boulder house design, modern architecture


The modernist house design is unreal, futuristic, impressive. Built with concrete and glass home features a contemporary look, but inspired by a unique architectural design of the Madain-Saleh necropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia.

The modern house on a rock reminds the images of ancient architectural designs. The old rock tombstones are a source of inspiration. There is a considerable amount of architectural heritage that was built for us by past builders. This modern house design is an integration of building environment into natural elements.

Modern home interiors with a modernist vibe

A blend of steel, glass, and wood; modern house design

Modernist designs and coziness, modern home interiors

Modernist house design

Concrete and glass, modernist architectural design, House Inside a Rock

The House Inside a Rock seems grown out of a huge boulder. The monumental entrance shaft on the ground floor takes to an ample rectangular living space, which is open to the surroundings.

Unusual house designs

Converted designs with impressive home interiors

Roofless house design

Open concrete structures around rocky ledges are impressive. The terrace exceeds this volume, leading up to the solarium and swimming pool areas. The shaded penthouse area on the top of the building looks luxurious, providing a breathtaking view of the desert.

Boulder house design, modern architecture

Straight lines, simplified surfaces, and elegant cubes balance the visual complexity of the rocks. The concept demonstrates how innovative ideas can cooperate with nature and push the boundaries of modern design.

  by Ena Russ   


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