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a frame interior with glass wall

Modern A-frame house


A-frame houses, cabins, and summer cottages feature beautiful interiors that look simple and unique. Many A-frame homes have wooden interiors, exposed beams, angular windows, a wood stove or fireplace, creating warmth and coziness in the rooms with inclined walls. Custom window designs provide plenty opportunities to fill the modern interiors with natural light. Skylights and roof windows enhance the unique atmosphere in A-frame houses.

An open layout changes even small spaces. Open, large areas look luxurious. Triangular geometry, straight lines, and exposed beams create a beautiful interior design. Wrapped in wood architectural features give a nice rustic touch to home interiors with inclined walls. Wood wall paneling looks warm and comfortable. Check out the Lushome collection of modern interiors to find the right design ideas for your A-frame interiors.

Beautiful interior designs featuring inclined walls

Modern houses with A-frame roofs

Angular window designs

A-frame interiors

Beautiful rooftop skylights

Wood beams are impressive architectural features that enhance unique interior design ideas. Contrasting paint colors add a contemporary vibe to A-frame rooms. You can whitewash the wooden walls and make small rooms in your A-frame home look brighter.

Large angular window designs

Big windows are the best, they invite plenty of natural light into the home and create an effect of spaciousness. Space saving ideas, like small furniture, clutter-free decorating, storage under stairs and along the inclined walls are perfect for A-frame houses.

Large glass wall design, exposed beams, wooden walls

Create a reading nook, a cozy seating area or a small home office in a corner with a window is a great idea to design lovely spaces to enjoy landscape, trees, sunrises, and sunsets. Corner spaces in an A-frame where the roof meets the floor are excellent places for chairs, sofas, beds, and storage units. Utilizing all small spaces provides valuable storage areas and creates neat and beautiful interior design.

Storage shelves utilizing small spaces
A-frame interior design, wooden walls, skylight
Modern interior, A-frame
Large windows, wooden staircase
Exposed beams, A-frame living room design with spiral staircase
Painted white beams and walls, A-frame interior
Modern A-frame house
Bright interior design. Angular window design, retro-modern fireplace
Contemporary A-frame house design with skylights
Wood interior design, angular window, A-frame by Innauer Matt Architecten, Austria

  by Ena Russ   

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