Retro Modern House Designs with A-Frame Roofs

small house design with a frame roof

Two-story cabin in the forest, A-frame roof design


A-frame house designs revive the old trends in architecture create beautiful and charming homes, cottages, and cabins in the woods. A-frame homes define the modern design connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. They bring the nostalgic designs and offer novel architectural solutions for creating homes that feel like vacation retreats. Check out the Lushome collection of renovated A-frame houses to see your favorite designs.

Wood adds a comfortable look to traditional and modern architectural designs. Stone and wood house designs spruced up by brown and green colors create harmonious and welcoming homes. A-frame cabins built with horizontal logs and modern house designs with walls in wood slices blend old and new design ideas offering a wide range of material combinations and creative architectural features.

Cute triangular roofs of A-frame house designs

Angular window designs to customize house exteriors and interiors

Roof styles, how to Feng Shui house designs

A-frame houses

A-frame house, beach boardwalk

Wooden house designs call for bold accents. Painting a door a bright color brighten up a-frame homes and add personality to house exteriors. Large windows, covered porches, and decks are functional and modern trends connecting home interiors with nature. Natural light and sunshine fill A-frame houses with energy and turn home interiors into welcoming, warm, and comfortable living spaces.

A-frame forest cabin, covered porch, stone fire pit

Natural stone and wood are fabulous material choices for charming and beautiful A-frame house designs. Stone is perfect for accentuating the eco-friendly design and creating attractive outdoor living spaces. Retaining walls, fire pits, steps, and fireplace designs add stunning decorations to wooden homes.

Winter cabin, A-frame roof design

A wooden deck with a beautiful view is a fantastic way to blend your a-frame house with its natural surroundings. A boardwalk to the ocean beach or an accessible path to the forest offer fun ways to enjoy outdoors with your family and friends. Riverfront cottages and lakeside cabins benefit from panoramic views and docks for swimming, fishing, and boating.

Cabins with a-frame green roofs in Norway
Inclined walls, modern house designs
Cabin with large windows, red accent wall
Green accent wall, A-frame, house-front patio
Two-store cabin in the forest, A-frame roof design
Small spaces, A-frame roof-wall design


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